Thank you for your interest in our writing fellowship! We see the need for high quality journalism with a Luciferian perspective. Our religion needs coherent, well-informed voices to introduce people to concepts and relevant news in a way that’s relatable to a diverse audience.

Fortunately, our editorial staff had a lot of practice with that while publishing the popular internet subculture publication Dirge Magazine and, later, Dear Darkling. We brought our experience in publishing to a project that brought dark and obscure media to an audience of millions in just three years.

Our writing fellowship will last 12 weeks, broken down into 3 weeks of instruction followed by an article workshop each month for 3 months, and a final project article.

Courses will begin no later than March 1st, sooner if we’re able to choose quickly and it works for the selectees.

We are filling a maximum of four slots.

The fellowship will include instruction in the following areas:

  • Article conception and pitching
  • Concept development
  • Publishing ethics
  • Legal concerns
  • Narrative building
  • Article execution
  • Interviewing
  • SEO
  • Personal branding
  • Social media and promotion

Our selected fellows will receive individual and group instruction from our staff and adjunct instructors for the duration of the course. They will produce four publishable articles for the Luciferian Dominion blog, and at the end of the course will receive a modest stipend for their time and work.

Our goal is to teach a new generation of authors who are able to write in an intelligent, engaging way on the subjects of Satanism, Luciferianism, the occult, climate change, ecology, human extinction, love, life and death in a way we haven’t seen before. We want to elevate the quality and quantity of conversation on our own platform as well as training writers who will go on to acquit us all well as ambassadors on mainstream platforms.

Selection will remain open through January 31st, 2021. Selected fellows will be announced no later than February 28th, 2021. Selectees will be notified by email.

Click here for our application form.

Our Staff

As editor-in-chief of Dirge Magazine, Jinx Strange oversaw the growth of a brand new platform to a thriving ecosphere of artists, writers, and dark culture brands that resembled a grand dark arts collective as much as a publication. With a flair for storytelling and a keen ability to predict audience behavior, Jinx will help you turn your passion into content that people are eager to read – and share.

Renee Pickup was the senior editor of Dirge Magazine, but her publishing career neither started nor ended there. Renee is a dynamic creator; a podcaster, author of short stories and graphic novels, and has worked in editorial and acquisitions capacities for publishing houses. An accomplished essayist, Renee can help you with everything from pitching to workshopping the most dynamic articles you’ve ever written.