We Are Very Close To Making Non-Woo Herbal Medicine Free For Everyone

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In 2019, members of the Luciferian Dominion raised $900 so that I could attend Oregon State University’s Permaculture Design program as a conclusion of a years-long education in permaculture. The idea was to fill in any gaps in my own learning, and enable me to start passing on this knowledge and experience without leaving it locked up behind a university paywall. I’ve been teaching permaculture concepts and helping with projects all over the world ever since.

This ask is bigger, more ambitious, and I think it’s very important to share with you some of the reasons why this is much bigger than a glorified Gofundme for me to take a class.

Colonizers can and have to be displaced in the realm of knowledge.

One of the easiest resources to take away from a colonizer is information. Once enough people have free access to a piece of information, it loses its value; you can no longer use it for gatekeeping or to extract wealth. You can’t hoard knowledge for coins, deciding who gets to know what based on their economic disposition. “Ivy-League education” shouldn’t exist. If there is a high standard of education that we are able to pass on, then it is our religious imperative as Luciferians to do so, and not only that, but to thwart those who would use knowledge as a tool of extraction rather than one of advancement.

Put simply, I want to put people who charge money for basic, human, agrarian skills concerning food sovereignty and medicine out of business – forever. I am halfway there.

Lying when the truth would sound better.

Some very well-meaning, but sorely misguided people have, since the inception of this fundraiser, made some very unpleasant noises to the effect: This information is ALREADY FREE!!! READ BOOK!!!!!!!!! Watch Youtube video!!!!!!!

But the thing is, I did read book. I did watch Youtube video. And without exception, these (again, well-meaning) people offered up pseudoscience to show just how freely available this is.

I have been studying herbal medicine for years, and it is a nightmare. When capitalism left the plant behind to honor the molecule, it left behind a field of study that atrophied. Plants were no longer profitable. In the vacuum left by pharmaceutical capitalism, woo moved in to swallow herbal medicine whole.

It tends to do this almost exclusively in areas where understanding is either missing, or inaccessible enough to most people that anyone willing to just make something up is able to step into the void. Leaning on a foundation of comprehension and praxis that came before them, woo peddlers discovered that they could infuse a mountain of horseshit beliefs into a thimbleful of actual results and leverage that as validity.

The result is completely baseless philosophy slathered on top of completely unusable medicinal practice that no rational person in medical distress should want anything to do with. I see smiling, bearded men on Instagram expound at great length about “working with plant allies” while describing the preparation of “medicine” that would leave their compounds as inert as water, or worse. I see people damage their materials through heat, violence, and chemistry. In short, these people really look like they know their stuff to the uninitiated! They certainly speak with utter confidence and know just enough lingo to fool the ignorant, and maybe even themselves.

These people are not practitioners of medicine. They’re bad at science, and if they aren’t hurting anyone, they’re failing to help people when they have the physical, but not intellectual means, and to me that is morally just as bad.

Driftless, identity-starved white people shouldn’t be the foremost voices of anything, let alone medicine. It is time to put them to bed for good.

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Old practices aren’t necessarily best practices.

Sorry. They aren’t. They’re just old. While it’s completely true that our forebears were very smart about certain plants and their properties, just because they lived in a bygone time that we like to romanticize from our capitalist hellscape, it doesn’t mean they were paragons of plant lore. In fact, they were simply recent links in a very, very long chain of human trial, error, and experimentation with plants.

It’s true that we have forgotten a lot of what they knew, and much of that was, indeed, useful to them then and would be to us now. However, these were also people who would take mercury to cure headaches, so, you know. Maybe it’s time to stop romanticizing the past and worry about what we have in front of us. What I can assure you is that your great, great grandma would have absolutely no idea what to do with most modern ailments and would lack the language to try, which would probably be further complicated by superstitions and religious proclivities. Light a candle for her, but leave medicine to the living.

The endgame.

I have a much bigger plan, and this is only part of it, but a very important part. I want to make knowledge about the practice of herbal medicine in as clean and unadulterated a form as I possibly can, for anyone who wants it. That is the end goal of this particular fundraiser and project. I have a team of educators, researchers, and writers at the ready to help me process this knowledge into a form that we can pass on without incurring legal damage, since that arm of the dying empire is still capable of flailing.

Specifically, I am enrolled in a medicinal plants course through Cornell University. This is prohibitively expensive to almost everyone individually, and it was almost too expensive for us organizationally, collectively, with a price tag exceeding $3,500. I was able to snag a New Years sale at the absolute last minute and reserve a spot for $2,750.

I am loathe to pay anyone for this information, but I’d rather pay it once and never have anyone have to pay for it ever again. This class doesn’t cover everything there is to know about herbal medicine, as our well-meaning friends were quick to point out.

I don’t need it to. I have a years-long foundation of botany, physiology, biochemistry, chemistry and pharmacology under my belt. This is, actually, mostly case studies on specific plants. Read, peer-reviewed, science-based case studies for the purpose of herbal medicine. Nothing about chakras. Nothing about “plant allies”. More importantly, this course is a masterclass in, well, masterclasses. I’ll learn how to process and prepare this information, not only about these plants, but others, in perpetuity, until we have a functional pharmacopeia.

I will absolutely make this free to you. That is my vow, that beyond this fundraiser, I will not ask for a penny in exchange for this knowledge. I want everyone to know these things and much more.

A leap of faith.

Time was a real factor here. I was able to borrow the money to register for the course to make sure that I was enrolled for this time, this year, and at a price that saved us almost $700. Some well-meaning people said things like “Oh, I’m sure they’ll offer it at this price again!”

I ignored them, because the world is on fire now. Creating a course is a huge task, but my team still have day jobs and have to constantly grind against the specter of houselessness like everyone else in the working class. It’s going to take time. Time we absolutely do not have, and I refused to put it off. I want this knowledge in your hands now.

I will be finishing this course just in time for our Midsummer celebration in June. I will be meeting there with Vanessa White, who is taking the course with me, and with Piper, my co-founders and our volunteers who are ready to begin this worthy work.

I have borrowed well out of my comfort zone to do this because that’s how much I believe in it. I borrowed from someone who believes in me, and believes in our cause, and I cannot let them down.

If you believe in the importance of anything I just said, please go drop as much as you can spare in our fundraiser.

If you know that you intend to benefit from this course, please go put as much money toward this as you can comfortably spare. Think of it as a tip in lieu of tuition. Think of it as a sliding scale.

If you believe in what we’re doing here and don’t have any money to put in, please share this article or our fundraising page anywhere you think people might care.

But please help us make this happen. Class starts on January 19th and as of right now, we have raised $910 our of the $2,750 we need, from 23 donors. I know this community and I know what it moves for, and I know we can absolutely do this.

Thank you so much.

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Jinx Strange is a perfumer, publisher and Archlector of the Luciferian Dominion. He holds certifications in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University, and Medicinal Plants from Cornell University.

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