The Luciferian Dominion needs your help with our programs! If you are interested in one of these positions, please fill out the contact form below.

Social Media

Our platform is growing and we need help keeping up with content that educates, entertains and inspires. We are looking for people interested in creating original content, sourcing inspirational artwork, and relevant memes (if you have a knack for any of these, please speak up, you don’t have to be able to do them all). We are also looking for people we can trust to post to our various outlets.


Content Creator: Be able to demonstrate an affinity for and proficiency with at least one type of content listed.

Social Media Manager: Have discerning taste for content in general, familiarity with best practices on at least one social media platform listed.

Influencer: Do you like free stuff? Shop⛧Lucifer needs people to try new products or showcase existing ones through social media content. If this is something you like to do, please drop us a line. We don’t have firm audience requirements, but we do prefer engagement over size.


Facebook: Social and religious commentary, criticism, humor and memes, satire, inspirational artwork.

Instagram: Visually oriented content, inspirational art, original ritual and occult content, slideshows concerning theosophy and social/religious commentary.

TikTok: Educational and entertaining religious content. Lifestyle, humor, preparedness oriented collaborative content.


Our founders and many volunteers have extensive publishing experience, but we need lots of help with this vital and demanding area of our presence and development! We have built an amazing and influential platform and it is sorely underutilized!


Writers: Must submit at least one writing sample. Extensive experience writing online is preferred but not necessary, as we have an excellent editorial staff who can teach you and help you develop your voice.

Article Editors: Editors must be familiar with contemporary best practices, SEO, and pass an editorial test to join our experienced team.

Press Publisher: Must have demonstrable experience in publishing literature through an actual press. Unfortunately, we cannot accept vanity press experience.


Writers: We are looking for writers on the following topics: Religion (Generally, but Luciferianism and Satanism specifically), Art, Lifestyle (Clothing and cosmetic brands, crafters, places to source aesthetics), History, Humor, Preparedness, Environment & Ecology, Gardening, Homesteading. If you are passionate about a subject you don’t see here, but think could be germane to our audience, please contact us!

Article Editors: Our articles currently reach hundreds to tens of thousands of readers, and it’s because we know how to clean them up and make them shine! If you think you can edit for lucidity and interest and help writers showcase their talents, we would love to hear from you!

Press Publisher: We have a lot of religious book content in the pipe, and need to establish ourselves as a respectable press. Several of us have years of press experience, but we need someone vibrant and capable to take the helm of this challenging but glorious position. If you are interested in the position of influence and reach that comes with managing a press on the tier of Scarlet Imprint or Rubedo Press, we are positioned to help each other. People with ambition and high standards to the front of the line.


Work with our Community Manager to tend our growing and wonderfully diverse community. This could involve facilitating social events and programs, moderating online events, planning and executing in person events, or helping individual members navigate challenges. While this is not an ordained position, it is a good volunteer position for people who just want to help, feel inclined to religious vocation, or are interested in our future deaconate and ordination programs (volunteer work now can count toward ordination requirements later).


None needed! Just a helpful attitude and a passion for service.


Community Volunteer: If you want to be closest to where help is needed for both our ministry and its members, this is the position for you.



Legal: You need to have a license to practice law in good standing anywhere in the United States.

Medical: MD preferred, but input from nurses, medics, and academics can be valuable.

Accounting: Must be a CA or CPA.

Graphics & Art: No firm requirements, but should be able to produce high quality artwork with an understanding of Dominion Aesthetics (see our Instagram and Pinterest) consistent with the rest of the content our on our website.


Legal: Like any growing organization, we need legal help that can sometimes be a huge burden to a ministry getting on its feet. Most of the legal help we need falls under the category of general advice on policies or risk and liability associated with programs. Otherwise, we often need help drafting documents, with our organization and filing, and the creation of new entities. Any help with these administrative tasks would be tremendously beneficial.

Medical: We seek a lot of professional input and guidance when we create programs, courses, and best practices materials to distribute. Much of our ethos concerns access to medical care and community resilience, and we need volunteers capable of consulting on these things and who are willing to be instructors if called upon.

Accounting: Our books are not complex, but they are quickly outpacing the abilities of our current and beleaguered administration. We would greatly benefit from some professional help in keeping our books organized and making sure that we’re meeting our tax requirements (and benefitting in all of the ways we should be!). This would likely not represent difficult or fulltime work, but your professional oversight could make all the difference for us.

Graphics & Art: The Dominion pays for artwork. We have a tradition of commissions, and have paid for label art, illustrations, sculptures and more. We are trying to kick off a Luciferian Renaissance, and we prioritize paying for the creation of culture and inspiration. Having said that, our large and growing platform, expanded reach, and extensive programs are requiring more and more, and we all volunteer as much time and talent as we can in every area. We do not feel entitled to “free” creative work, but we will take all the help we can get. If you can offer traditional or digital artwork, or even graphic arts like preparing attractive headers for web articles and Patreon posts, please let us know. We could use your help.


The Dominion Lectory concerns the theological development of Luciferianism in general, Dominionism in particular, the care and feeding of the ministry, and the recovery, refinement and distribution of knowledge. Volunteer work with the Archlector may involve reading, research, discussion, writing and presentation, the “liberation” of knowledge, book drives and literacy advocacy. This is a good choice for bookish types, educators, academics, scientists, and anyone with a passion for literacy. While volunteer positions are not ordained, volunteer work for the Lectory can count toward ordination requirements.


Varies by task. You can count on a need to demonstrate proficiency or a willingness to learn about anything you might do.


Lectory Volunteer: Let’s play to your strengths! Maybe you’re an avid reader and researcher, a peerless investigator, or someone with a passion for education. Tell us where you’re most comfortable, and we surely have need of your talents.

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