73% of American land is privately owned. Much of it belongs to families that participated in pre-Civil War land grabs, and an increasing amount belongs to billionaires like Jeff Bezos who, despite owning tens of thousands of acres, is still only the 28th largest landowner in the United States.

Most of our home country is in the private hands of individuals hostile to the poor, hostile to the environment, and to anyone unlike themselves. Private land ownership is a catalyst for catastrophic waste, and with capitalists and fascists in power, the right to waste, to defile, and indeed, the very right to harm all life on Earth, is prioritized. It is profit over life, and control of land is the key.

Fortunately, kneeling before power isn’t a Luciferian trait.


If capitalism is a culture of waste, and the land controlled under it tends toward waste at best, and destruction at worst, then it is incumbent upon us as Luciferian Dominionists to bring about the acquisition of land under our control. We can use the same precious property rights and enforcement that currently benefits destructive business and selfish private owners.

Since Phase One of The Dominion Project must necessarily take place within the context of capitalism and land ownership, despite our disagreements with the practice, we must counter the culture of annihilation by doing the most good in the least space using the fewest resources.

Not having amassed a fortune through exploitation, what we lack in financial backing, we make up for in raw knowledge and experience. Among contributors to our Phase One plans are soil scientists, botanists, farmers, gardeners and permaculturists. We have everything we need to carry out our vision, now all we need are the means and some volunteers who don’t mind getting dirt under their nails for Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan.

Phase One

We will begin to grow the Dominion by fundraising small land purchases. We will focus on waste lots, some of which can be had for as little as a few hundred dollars. Depending on the condition of the lot, we will treat the land with one of three types of projects.

Pollinator Sanctuaries

We will prepare the land and sow native pollinator-friendly plants and supporting plants to ensure longterm, low-to-no maintenance continuation. Where possible, we will plant for particular species that need it (along butterfly migration routes, for example). Since we will own the properties outright, we can ensure they are chemical-free and unmolested.

Food Forests

On properties that will support it, we will install food forests that will provide both short term rewards, and will mature into strong, stable ecosystems. Food forests will provide for both wildlife and humans in need. As these designed ecosystems are resilient, they provide security against climate chaos, and short of razing to the ground, are very difficult for humans to harm. These will be scattered resources to be shared with anyone who needs them, such as local food banks.


We will look for lots that are “waste” lots, dirt lots, or otherwise “useless” (as long as they aren’t chemically contaminated). These we will sow with aggressive pioneer species, such as clover, that can be used to build soil, and eventually rehabilitate virtually any kind of ground. These lots can then, in time, be used to turn into one of the above two, or used for other utilitarian purposes as suits our needs.

How can I get involved?