The Dominion Confirms Its First High Priestess – Elisabeth Empyrean

We have gone beyond – from greatest sphere to heaven of pure light, light of the intellect, light full of love, love of the true good, full of ecstasy, ecstasy that transcends the sweetest joy. Canto 30 – Lines 38-42 (Musa)
Dante Alighieri, Paradiso

The relationship of Left-Hand Path religion to its own clergy has always been dubious. More often than not, some mediocre white guy gives himself an ostentatious title like Grand Magus, self-publishes an ersatz The Satanic Bible ebook, then sits back and waits for the fame and groupies to roll in.

They never do, of course, because there’s no religious community, no one capable of serving it, and no value add to our religion as a whole. One of the ways in which I’ve been most critical of Left-Hand sects is the unseriousness with which they approach the nature of religion while presuming to bloviate, condescend, write pamphlets and start podcasts without doing even the most basic exegetical work or understanding their own history.

To put it lightly, finding the right person to represent The Luciferian Dominion’s spiritual core and nurture our growth as a religious ministry that stands apart seemed nearly impossible. Frankly I’ve never met a self-appointed Satanic (or otherwise) clergy member who I thought had what it takes.

I still haven’t.

Elisabeth was a solo practitioner when I met her. We were friends for quite awhile, mostly trading jokes and the occasional esoteric humor. It was through Elisabeth that I started to remember that occultism didn’t have to be self-serious cringe all the time. It didn’t have to be an uncritical embracing of whatever the latest Liber Kevin had to say.

It could be fun, and if you sort the wheat from the chaff (and there is a lot of chaff), you could learn some things. It was through Elisabeth that I found Lucifer: Princeps and the work of Peter Grey that provided the missing pieces I’d been looking for in a coherent theory of evidence-based Luciferianism.

I’d spent so long immersed in the work of data and processes and logistics about how to make Dominion happen, how to help people and keep us from building on sand that I’d forgotten how to love the mystery and dark beauty of our liminal world. I spent so long in the business of Dominion that I’d almost lost sight of Lucifer.

Elisabeth gave Lucifer back to me. She talked to me about Solomonic rituals, and grimoires. I watched as she forged ceremonial tools. We talked about ritual tattooing, religious and world history, we talked about courtly love, and fallen angels.

Like me, Elisabeth’s eyes were cast skyward. We were both aspirational Luciferians. I brought a deep, abiding love of the earth and the natural world. She brought a sidereal sense of wonder, and an eldritch love of the starry sky. We both wanted something grander, something greater than had ever been available to us before.

I knew I had found my counterpart, and despite my anxious certainty of troubles yet to come, I was filled with a reckless joy.

It falls to me to hold her up for praise, because she is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met in proportion to her wit and capability. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable without being condescending. She is a genuinely, inherently powerful person, and she’s spent years cultivating that through incredible self-discipline and devotion. Not for Instagram, not for validation, just for her own edification.

Elisabeth Empyrean is a rare creature. She has given me effortless revelations. She performs miracles before breakfast. I am privileged to know her, and privileged to announce her confirmation as the first High Priestess of the Luciferian Dominion, on behalf of its Provisional Council and in my role as Archlector.

This is going to mark a new era for Luciferians. From this union of earth and sky grows a sacred tree, may we find shelter in its shade, be nourished by its fruit, and ascend its boughs to our best natures.

Hail Elisabeth Empyrean!

Long may she reign.