The Advent of Lucifer 2022

Day 1: The Oracle

Day 2: The Sun

Day 3: The Moon

Day 4: The Earth

Day 5: The Gardener

Day 6: The Virgin

Day 7: The Serpent

Day 8: The Witch

Day 9: The Protector

Day 10: The Sidereal

Day 11: The Lovers

Day 12: The Hedonist

Day 13: The Stranger

Day 14: They/Them

Day 15: Sacred Rage

Day 16: The Cryptid

Day 17: Innocence

Day 18: Beauty

Day 19: Little Ones

Day 20: The Artist

Day 21: Lacrimosa

Day 22: Blood

Day 23: Death

Day 24: Sanctuary

Day 25: Hail Thyself

Day 26: The Liberator

Day 27: Adventure

Day 28: Community

Day 29: The Rebel

Day 30: The Wayfinder

Day 31: The Lightbringer – Finale

The days are growing colder, the light shorter, and a cruel Summer gives way to the shroud of Winter. Autumn is a time of transition, when we reap the fruits of our harvest, reflect on our energies, and gather our strength back to ourselves to prepare for the coming cold and darkness.

But darkness is no enemy to the Luciferian. We carry our light with us, and know that shadow is simply another resource at our fingertips. Within it we find hidden secrets, anonymity, safety, sanctuary.

Autumn for us is not a mournful march, but a casting off; an unburdening, a time to shed what holds us back and to tread lightly, intentionally, our senses as crisp as the air.

Welcome to our first Advent of Lucifer.

We mark this season to honor the Fall of Lucifer, not because of the name, but because it is a time of difficult transition, where the consequences of our actions come home to roost, and where we are given the opportunity to reflect and decide how we are going to proceed with what we have learned.

It is darkness, and it is the light within the darkness.

Our Advent is designed to illuminate and deepen your connection to our Dominion and the figures that represent it, and to gather your strength and spiritual resolve against coming hardships, as Lucifer during the Revolt.

Every day in October, we will present a new theme of the day and relevant resources for learning, activities, and daily devotionals. We have chosen to present this Advent in the style of an oracle deck, with each day unveiling a new facet of your spiritual and communal connections to explore.

We encourage you to participate in our daily devotional, but you may also pick and choose as you please. This ritual is designed for us both on an individual level but also as a community. Our intention is for you to take what serves you and ignore the rest.

How to Participate

Every day of the advent will have the following structure:

Charging Your Sigil

The Sword Sigil of the Luciferian Dominion

We will be practicing daily affirmations to charge this symbol, for those who share our values will always be protected. You are, of course, invited to create your own sigil or use any symbol or image that holds meaning for you. Each day’s affirmations will build upon the previous and can be written on the paper with our sigil to form a prayer for our closing ritual. On Halloween, we shall conduct our group closing ritual, releasing everything holding us back and gathering to us the strength to support and nourish our fellowship.


These are small prayers related to the day’s theme that can be used in any context they’re useful to you. They may be woven together, modified, or ignored at your pleasure.


Most days will have accompanying reading to provide background or deepen understanding, or to foster questions and curiosity about the subject.

Building Your Own Oracle Deck

If you choose, you may use blank cards or paper to make an artistic rendition of the day’s theme. It could be an illustration, symbol, or sigil that you create. You may write key words or phrases, or fire off lines of poetry about your connection to the theme.

At the end of the month, you will have created your own mini oracle deck that you can use in personal practice, or simply treasure as a keepsake. Your investment in this is optional and can be as much or as little as you want it to be.

If you are participating in Inktober, this might make an excellent daily prompt! Feel free to make posts with the #inkober or #drawloween hashtags and share it in spaces that welcome Inktober content!

Follow our daily blog and social media posts for a new theme of the day. We would love to see your artistic interpretations and your thoughts or experiences with our themes in our group as well.

Sharing this post will help everyone stay on track and allow those interested to take part in the Advent of Lucifer. Using the following hashtags will help us find your artwork and ideas: #luciferiandominion and #adventoflucifer

Ave Lucifer and Yourselves.

Jinx Strange is a perfumer, publisher and Archlector of the Luciferian Dominion. He holds certifications in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University, and Medicinal Plants from Cornell University.

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