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Hail, Sweet Home: Altar Space Reimagined

Hosting an altar is a wonderful way to incorporate Satanism into our daily lives. An altar is a constant reminder of my path that I see daily, and is comforting to me. I enjoy seeing the values I hold reflected in the various baubles and object d’art displayed on my altar, and I feel refreshed on my path when I put out a newly designed altar space. Satanists, Pagans, Witches, and more folx following alternative religious and non-religious paths host altar spaces for myriad reasons. Yours can be a sacred space that you only enter during mediations, for clarity, or in devotion. An altar can be designed for a specific…

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Ancient Humans Used Ritual to Heal, Grieve, and Manage Anxiety

In order to understand the relationship of humans to ritual, one must first understand the nature of humans: we’re basically jumped-up, unspectacular, middle-of-the-food chain animals that have a lot to worry about. Sure, we worry about different things these days – rent, healthcare, the wholesale collapse of our biosphere. We don’t worry about lions much anymore, but worry is in our DNA. You could think of humans as playing a video game and discovering a cheat code – they jump right to the top without ever really having to get good at playing. You know who’s good at playing? Lions. Sharks. They came up the hard way, and they don’t…

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