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Lupercalia Is Awesome But It Isn’t A Satanic BDSM Holiday

In its bid to prove itself a “real religion” to the city of Scottsdale, Arizona for the purpose of a lawsuit, The Satanic Temple rolled out an assemblage of slapped-together “holidays” that was unquestioningly adopted by its more sycophantic members while being roundly criticized by others. While some are inane like “Your Birthday”, or self-aggrandizing like the Temple’s “Founding Day”, perhaps the most unfortunate and inexplicable inclusion is the ancient Roman fertility and purification festival Lupercalia. Consequently, Lupercalia has been billed by this increasingly-horny sect as a holiday celebrating BDSM, bodily autonomy, even asexuality as an afterthought when ace Temple members complained about this becoming an overtly heteronormative porkfest. Lupercalia…

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