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Septs and Enclaves: A Life Worth Living

The species in which peace and mutual support are the rule, prosper, while the unsociable species decay. ― Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution We are a cyclical species, and so are the things we create. We’ve been alive and self-aware long enough to know that we create little in the way of permanence, so if you’re waking up finding yourself in the surreal position of watching the realtime collapse of the civilization you were born into, know that you you’re in good company with millions of people throughout human history. Empires fall because systems change. Systems change in a crucible of nature, ideas, fears, and innumberable other factors. Civilization…

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Navigating the Apocalypse: Paving Your Way With Good Intentions

A blood red sky rains ash down upon Australia as the entire country burns. 400,000 people flee rising waters as Jakarta sees the worst flooding in a decade. While Russia continues warming 2.5 times faster than the rest of the planet, the Kremlin touts its potential ‘positive’ economic effects; Meanwhile, ivory hunters scour Siberia for mammoth tusks as the ancient permafrost melts. In the U.S., Trump is using the threat of war & the blood of innocents as a human shield against attacks from his rivals. Border Patrol and ICE continue their chokehold on entrance into the States as the number of people displaced by climate change climbs to more…

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Things Actually Look Pretty F’ing Bad, You Guys

Let me say here and now that I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to look. Unlike most “red pill” scenarios where people are trying to explain away a loss of privilege rather than looking within, for the science-minded person, taking a good hard look at the end of the world is overwhelmingly supported by facts. Once you really wrap your head around the scale of the problems facing our continued existence as a species, it’s hard to view the world through any other lens. It’s always going to be hyperbole to say that the world is going to end, until the day it isn’t. We know it can happen…

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