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Our Coronavirus Response is A Dressed Rehearsal for Climate Change

It isn’t that people don’t see the problem. If you’re alive in America in 2020, you know about the novel coronavirus. Your life has been affected by it in some way. You probably also experience a whole slate of emotions about it: fear, helplessness, desperation to do something, confused horror at why nothing is being done, despair at the susceptibility of people you know to political propaganda. It’s not that everyone doesn’t know about the danger. It’s that the nature of the danger itself has been wrested away from science and medicine and into the miasma of political opinion, where it is far easier to manipulate to shape public opinion.…

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Snake Oil and Fake Latin: The Satanic Coronavirus Grift

Satanists like to be experts. Arrogance is baked right in; you don’t just tell God to fuck off to His face without at least a little hubris. From knowledge comes certainty, and from certainty, confidence. Confidence is sexy, and above all, Satanists like to feel sexy. But few things are as genital-withering as the insecurity of diseased pride. Just a toe’s length beyond the line of cool confidence lies a simpering Dunning-Krugerism, a common-as-dirt impulse to assert yourself as an authority no matter how uninformed or unprepared you might be. There is the assumption that just because people are listening, you must have something to say. The Satanic Temple has…

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How To Stay Sane and Keep Kids on Track During the Pandemic

One of the challenges of writing a guide to education during the COVID-19 outbreak is that each state and district can vary widely in the way it chooses to respond to issues (not to mention charter and private schools). The best source of information about your child’s education is your individual school, followed then by your state board of education/governing body for your charter/private school. These links are designed to start pointing you toward the best resources available.  Also, it needs to be said that all of these resources will be easier for people with more privileges to access and utilize. If you know of families needing ESL, disability, income,…

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