The Lightbringer’s Psalter is a collection of essays, art, poetry, and fiction reflecting Luciferian Dominion philosophy and ideas. It is intended to serve as inspiration, motivation, and part of our emerging religious canon as Luciferians. Our goal is to publish this first volume in late 2021, and we are inviting artists, poets and writers in our community to contribute to our shared canon.

How to Submit

Please email any submissions and attachments to luciferianpsalter[at]

When to Submit

Submission window will close on August 31st 2021.

What to Submit

Essays under 1,000 words on the following topics:

  • Exegesis on Lucifer, Lilith or Leviathan
  • Intersections of Luciferianism and ecology
  • Ecology and radical natural stewardship
  • Religious communal living through a Luciferian lens
  • Herbalism and wildcrafting
  • Spiritual and physical preparedness for hardship
  • Luciferian mutual aid
  • Intersections of religion and climate change

Rituals focused on Lucifer, Lilith, Leviathan, Azazel, Baphomet, or Ashera

Other rituals

Ecstatic poetry

Illustrative poetry – Leviathan by W.S. Merwin and Howl (II) by Alan Ginsberg are good examples.

Original fiction (short stories, parables or microfiction) with the following themes:

  • The War in Heaven
  • Lucifer as a Promethean figure
  • Lilith as the First Virgin
  • Lilith as a poisoner, healer, or caretaker of the Strange and Othered
  • Leviathan as a dragon of the firmament
  • Leviathan as a vengeful environmental steward
  • Stories that illustrate the importance of self-awareness
  • Stories that illustrate the importance of community-mindedness
  • Stories in which the group triumphs over the individual
  • Stories that illustrate ecological stewardship
  • Stories that celebrate hedonism
  • Stories that incorporate folk elements
  • Stories that illustrate passion for learning or discovery

Artwork – any style or format. Preference given to depictions of Lucifer, Lilith or Leviathan, and natural themes.

Payment and Rights

$50 USD via Paypal will be remitted for all accepted materials. We will retain publishing rights to the material for 2 years, after which shared rights will revert back to the author or artist.