Our Beliefs

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Compassionate human life is possible.
We believe that compassionate and harmonious communal living, while not easy, is entirely possible. We believe in informed, responsible stewardship of the natural world and our fellows.

The Left-Hand Path we’ve been given isn’t good enough.
The fearful and reactionary roots of contemporary Satanism and the arbitrary fan fiction making up the bulk of Luciferianism must be severed and a new, compassionate, and evidence-based theology planted on its grave.

The levers of power must be removed.
As the wealthy consolidate resources and scarcity increases, the extraction class will tighten its grip on the poor using every lever of power available. We must, as Luciferians, seek our uncompromising independence in every possible way to undermine this control.

The time that we still have matters.
We believe that providing safety and reassurance to targeted people matters. We believe that preserving and protecting the physical world around us – our Dominion – is vital to our human existence. While catastrophic damage has been done, intelligent curation and stewardship is quite capable of mitigating the worst of it by not allowing it to go further.

The world as we know it is ending.
Western democracy is completely off the rails. Our government is dysfunctional to the point of paralysis. Our society is half unhinged death cult. This, in the broad sense, isn’t going anywhere good.

Help isn’t coming from anywhere else.
We aren’t going to be saved by Big Tech or sweeping government reforms. We have a moral imperative to reject this delusion that exists only in media headlines designed to sell advertising. We are essentially on our own and aren’t going to have anything we lack the will to make for ourselves.

Religious community is vital to our success.
Secular communes struggle and fail when there are participants in this challenging but rewarding lifestyle who are bound by little more than their desire to grow kale. Religious belief gives us a shorthand for our values and priorities, individually and among each other.

Our Religion

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It’s a fool who wants to steal the crown of a dying kingdom. Rather, we recognize the handwriting on the wall: the old world is ending, and a new one is beginning. Lucifer’s aim was not overthrow, but apotheosis. Our independence and autonomy must not be compromised. We will not submit to rule by idiocy.


Lilith is both the stoic virgin and the wild witch. She is categorically untamable but possessed of painfully deep empathy. She lives a peaceful life on her own terms, cultivating her own Garden which contains the essentials for human life. We reject most common pop culture portrayals of Lilith, as these are often doing the work of ancient misogynists.


Leviathan is the rage of a dying planet. It is the burning blood of those who stand in its defense. It is the fierce protection of community and retribution upon those who harm Dominion. Leviathan is the Devouring Serpent, and we its humble servants.

Our Ministry

Human civilization has become untenable. Capitalism is collapsing and taking everything it can with it. To move toward Dominion is to move out of its grasp, to cut away the levers of oppression. We cannot stop the collapse, we can only brace ourselves, and prepare to protect what we love, and the most vulnerable people.

Our ministry exists to realize two goals: 1. To bring Luciferianism into the light as a world-class religion, no longer defined by cringing cabals of self-aggrandizers and pretenders. 2. To create a foundation for sustainable, secure, and peaceful communal life for Luciferian Dominionists and our allies through the establishment of planned enclaves designed to endure our coming hardships.

We seek a post-Christian religious community, and it is incumbent upon us to forge the community we seek.

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Living The Part

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