I Don’t Want To “Meet” The Monied White People Going Off Grid, Thanks

Well, isn’t that nice.

Podbert and R’lyeh McMayo just leveraged Podbert’s inheritance into fifteen acres in New Hampshire that they’re turning into a for-profit soy farm!

Arn Rand, a highly vocal and thrice-divorced libertarian just cashed in his 401k from 20 dehumanizing years at the wealth extraction factory, and used it to impulsively and messily homestead!

Ragnar Ragnaragnar, formerly Eric Boring, got his 22andMe results back, and since he’s 8% Scandinavian, he and his wife Brunhilde, formerly Katylynn, received 10 pristine, arable acres from Brun’s parents as a wedding gift, on which they get to play Viking Homestead™ on their family’s branded Instagram!

Don’t you want to meet them? Don’t you want to meet these monied white people? Don’t you? Climate change, you know. Preppers and what all. These are the people who are doing it, you know. Don’t you want to meet them?

This is projected at me week in and week out by desperate and whale-eyed pseudojournalists still trying to milk click-bucks in the dying light of a burning planet.

No, Guardian, I don’t want to meet the monied white people going off-grid.

They don’t represent realistic people with typical resources. And more importantly, they don’t know anything about anything.

Just a bit of the ol’ Dunning-Kruger, innit?

A fearful void has opened in the mostly coddled Western consciousness that is waiting to be filled by opportunistic “influencers” performing escapism for people who can’t even muster a labor strike. Don’t get me wrong, there are some extremely qualified, very engaging influencers out there teaching things from botany to homesteading best practices, but the common thread among the white monied newcomer is notably that they just don’t know anything, and worse, don’t know enough about what they don’t know in order to not make a spectacle out of pretending to know before an audience of future climate refugees who simply do not know better.

Take for example Ben Green, aka “The Pirate Ben”, recently held up by The Guardian as a gritty pioneer who’s just gone ahead and done it, folks! By purchasing an abandoned barracks in Germany and struggling with the earth in an extremely amateurish way, he’s practically off grid and ready to weather any sort of disaster. By himself, with his gas-powered machines, wasteful pigs (that he’s begging for feed on GoFundMe), and is a mere injury or illness away from it being E.T. Phone Home.

Getting into the particulars of his project is hardly the point, but I can say that there is a lot going on with this property that neither Ben, nor this article address, not the least of which is how this brave, brilliant pioneer intends to upkeep the very large and advanced infrastructure on this property by himself.

One might argue that a barracks is an ideal place to host a commune, and you would be right – a commune. Not a selfish “lone wolf” roleplaying independence.

All of that is perfectly fine and doesn’t really affect anyone, except that the dude doesn’t understand anything at all about permaculture, despite having lots of big opinions about it and being broadcast to an uneducated audience as someone to listen to or emulate.

This is the crux of the problem with monied, white, offgrid amateurs. Having bought their way into the landscape, they get attention as “early adopters” and journalists who don’t know better (or don’t care) prop them up as experts and leaders when in reality, they’re mostly just opinionated nobodies with absolutely no background in what they’re talking about.

They should be allowed to discover these things the hard way, but expertise is something you earn, not something you buy.

Jinx Strange is a perfumer, publisher and Archlector of the Luciferian Dominion. He holds certifications in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University, and Medicinal Plants from Cornell University.

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