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Last updated: 6/29/20


The National Center for Home Food Preservation provides USDA approved canning methods to can anything safely.

Video: Canning 101 by Guildbrook Farm A comprehensive video that covers everything you need to know to start canning the first time. If you’re a beginner and have a question, chances are, it’s answered in this video.

The Ball Jar recipe archives If you don’t want to wonder if a recipe is USDA approved, everything from this archive has been tested and is safe.

Lehman’s Bulk Canning Lids My favorite lids, much more economical than buying 12 packs.

Locate your County Extension Office The local extension office provides free canning info and can test your pressure canner gauge for accuracy.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

What is my elevation? For safe pressure canning, elevation determines weight.

Video playlist: Water bath canning detailed walkthrough videos by Mary’s Nest

Video: An introduction to pressure canners and canning walkthrough


Nourishing Traditions @ Amazon The best cookbook for learning how and why to make ferments.

Video: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Fermenting Foods at Home

Video: The Complete Guide to Fermenting Every Single Vegetable

Video: How to Make Water Kefir

Video: Beginner’s Guide to Kombucha Making

Video: How to Make Milk Kefir


The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook @ Amazon

The Dehydrator Bible @ Amazon


Food storage

Food Storage For Beginners

How to use oxygen absorbers Some foods should be stored with o2 absorbers. Some should not.

How many oxygen absorbers should I use?

Using mylar bags for food storage

Food grade buckets? Gamma seal lids? What?

Buy mylar bags here

Buy oxygen absorbers here

My favorite food safe buckets

My favorite Gamma lids

The best resource for all around preparedness, including and beyond food storage

First twenty food items items to store

Video: How to Start a Prepper Food Pantry

Best emergency water storage containers for your home

Food Calculator for a year’s storage Do not be intimidated by these numbers. If you want a year’s worth of food, we will get you there one item at a time.

LDS food storage online store The LDS church is serious about food storage, and sells supplies to non-members too.

LDS Home Storage Centers Formerly known as LDS canneries, these centers will sell you food at cost already packaged for storage. Well worth the drive if you have one nearby.

Huge list of printables to organize your food storage


The 1940’s Experiment has a huge list of wartime rationing recipes. This blogger improved her health by following a 1940’s way of eating.

A small collection of Depression Era recipes

WWII recipes from Taste of Home

WWII American food rationing, vintage cooking & recipes Written by a historian and includes entire meal plans

Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them

Everyday Foods in War Time

Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking

Homestyle Cooking From Scratch @ Amazon

Eating for Victory: Healthy Home Front Cooking on War Rations @ Amazon

Food Facts for the Kitchen Front @ Amazon The ubiquitous 1940’s cookbook designed for living on rations

Victory Cookbook @ Amazon The author worked for the British Ministry of Food during the war, and this cookbook details authentic creative recipes from 14 years of living on rations. This is out of print, I bought my copy at Check your favorite book reseller.

Depression Recipes @ Amazon

What’s a moderate oven? A slow oven? Gas mark 6? Get oven conversions here

Learn to forage safely with Edible Wild Food

Mary’s Nest on YouTube I’ve linked her videos above, but if you want to learn to cook traditional foods, her entire channel is a great resource. During times of food shortage, it will be helpful to know how to make your own foods such as cream cheese, vinegar, sourdough, bone broth, and ginger ale.