Q: Why Satan/Lucifer?

A: If you find a mythology more analogous and inspirational for the challenges we face, we’d love to hear about it.

Q: What is Dominion?

A: Dominion is a state of complete communal sovereignty and of ecological and social stewardship. We believe that human harmony, rather than domination, is our inherent relationship to the natural world, and oppose those who would poison and corrupt the living world. We believe this state of earthly stewardship is symbolized by the fall of Lucifer to earth, and the parables associated with Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan.

Q: Are you a legitimate legal group?

A: We are organized as a religious non-stock corporation in the state of Wisconsin.

Q: Is this a church?

A: This is impossible to answer since “church” means different things to different people. We don’t refer to ourselves as a church in name, but we are legally organized the same way, and occupy the same societal space. We refer to ourselves as a Luciferian ministry.

Q: Do group members actually meet up or is this just another internet/facebook group that’s going to peter out from inactivity/lack of participants?

A: Our members are welcome and encouraged to meet up where they can, and the formation of septs and enclaves is central to our goals. Introverted and geographically isolated members are also welcome. We try to facilitate whatever forms of communal bonds our membership needs. We do have members that meet in person, yes.

Q: Are you going to ask for money?


We’re going to tell people what we want to do, and they’ll decide whether or not it’s something they want to invest in. We’ll fundraise for specific projects. Some people will just donate, others will buy merch. We don’t like begging and religious panhandling any more than anyone else, and in an environment where Satanic incompetence is frequently coupled with lifestyle-funding and financial opacity, transparency is our highest imperative. If you feel like we’re asking for more than you’re getting, we’re doing something wrong.

Q: What are the Dominion’s goals over the next few years?

A: From this point, we feel like every person we’re able to spare from systemic predation and suffering is a huge step in the right direction. In the next couple of years, we would love to perfect the process of guiding people through forming septs, and in 5 years we would love to see ground breaking on our first enclave.

Q: How will being a member benefit me? How will it benefit others?

A: The Dominion’s raison d’être is to provide members with a supported transition away from dependence on the systems of late-stage capitalism. We do this within a religious framework to bond over our shared values, without looking for reasons to exclude people. At the least, membership introduces you to people in the same existential boat, who are sympathetic and committed to mutual care. At most, you can build an entire, real life community around yourself.