The gods conform scrupulously to the sentiments of their worshippers: they have reasons for so doing.
– Anatole France, The White Stone

Climate change. Mass extinction. The rise of fascism.

Capitalism is imploding and civilization is divided; at terrible odds with itself, shifting blame as systems and institutions break down and fail. We were never meant to live this way.

Fear and anxiety are part of our daily lives. We can’t magically take that away, but we can offer you something so much more powerful: Your autonomy. Your dignity. Ownership of the fires of change to wrest back control of your life. We can give you a chance at a meaningful human existence, independence from failing systems. We can empower you to help and protect others.

In the Name of Lucifer

Truth has to be sought—in tears, in sorrow, in desperate revolt; here a little and there a little gained, and when gained held against all comers for the sake of humanity and sometimes at the cost of life itself.
Charlotte Despard

Most of us didn’t expect a war on knowledge itself in our lifetime.  It is part of every facet of our lives, from politics, to how we consume, to whether or not our water is drinkable.  Ignorant people are easy to rule. Frightened people are easy to manipulate.

We wield the flame of Enlightenment.

As Luciferians, we have a sacred mandate to liberate not only the minds of individuals, but to liberate information itself. To withhold information is to employ ignorance as a tool of oppression and control, and we will not suffer that to go unchallenged.

Most of humanity’s present crimes can be traced to ignorance, willful or otherwise, and Lucifer’s Fall is an allegory for Promethean intervention. It is our task to tear it out root and stem from the human psyche, and to do all in our power to disenfranchise, undermine and castigate those who would use their power and privilege to keep humanity in the dark.

A population that is intentionally confused and manipulated is easier for bad actors to control for their benefit. It becomes impossible for people to fully conceive of problems themselves, let alone solutions, and enlightened people make better neighbors. They are better able to steward themselves and their environments, and to resist intellectual parasites.

It is therefore that Lucifer is first among equals, because without the light of knowledge, there is nothing worth preserving or protecting.

Dominion Luciferians are: academics, mentors, programmers, engineers, autodidacts, philosophers, logisticians, scientists, artists, visionaries.

In the Name of Lilith

I know your story, Caine of Nod.
She said, smiling.
You are hungry. Come! I have food.
You are cold. Come! I have clothes.
You are sad. Come! I have comfort.

The Book of Nod

Lilith was made from the earth. Utterly connected to this world, she would not submit to Adam, would not obey God, and was banished into darkness.

There she remained, unbowed and unbroken, where she worked the land and learned terrible secrets, and gave succor to her fellow outcasts. The realm of the First Witch is the garden that gives and takes life. It is in her hands to create or destroy.

Humanity’s future rests on our relationship to the natural world. It is in the spirit of Lilith that we feed and care for one another. It is in her name that we offer succor to the outcast and oppressed. It is in her name that we grow our food and our medicine, and in her name that we refuse to ask permission.

A disciple of Lilith harvests berries and secrets.

Dominion Lilitheans are: permaculturalists, gardeners, green witches, herbalists, healers, doulas, poisoners, botanists, farmers, wildcrafters, foragers.

In the Name of Leviathan

Hail Leviathan, the Dragon, the Maker and Unmaker, the Devouring Serpent!

Let us say here and now that no secular force is going to protect us in the end. Leviathans protect us from the chaos and terror in the world. They build our shelters. They mend our fences. They guard our fields. They stand in a line between vulnerable people and oppressors, whoever they might be.

Leviathans are diplomats, agents of peace, and physical stewards of the natural world. They are the ones who fight the poisoning of our water, the scorching of our earth and sky. Whether training in combat or carpentry, disciples of Leviathan act from love and the desire to preserve harmonious human life.

They are the sword and shield of Dominion.

Dominion Leviathans are: bushcrafters, tradespersons, forest rangers, survivalists, paramedics, protesters, antifascists, martial artists, construction workers, anyone with a strong desire to defend


Where fire really burns and the light itself burns your eyes, where songs are the most beautiful songs you have ever heard, and emotions passed over in daily life take on a horrifying, uncanny hue.
― Timothy Morton

We are entering a new strangeness. Hurtling toward self-inflicted extinction, in a world an inferno of hate, and love, and the crushing, desperate needs of fundamentally opposed forces. We are a people being strangled and seeing the stars burst in our eyes as we wake up to our own mortality.

Dominion is the rage against the dying of the light. It is the earth under our feet, the wind, the waves, the water table. Dominion is our world, by right of living in it. It is our stewardship of the biological world to the extent of our ability to enforce it. Dominion is the time where we are able to live as we will, harm no one, and fear no harm.

Dominion is the Garden, the Gate and the Gardener.

Human civilization has become untenable. Capitalism is collapsing and taking everything it can with it. To move toward Dominion is to move out of its grasp, to cut away the levers of oppression. We cannot stop the collapse, we can only brace ourselves, and prepare to protect what we love, and the most vulnerable people.

Dominion exists for no other reason than a framework for the continued survival and peaceful integration of human life into the natural world. It is the Human Path.

Sacred Humanity

It is our belief that tribal living was always the best and most natural way for humans to live, and that as we’ve moved away from it over millennia, we’ve entered an ever-destructive arms race of problems and solutions that have left us isolated, trapped within complex systems from which we can’t escape, and held there by people who benefit from both the stagnation and destruction. It is our intention to form tribes with strong bonds for mutual benefit and protection, to live as humans do, while bringing the benefit of progress we’ve enjoyed. Sacred Humanity isn’t so much a return to primitivism as it is a moving forward without the idea that things have to be as they are and have always been. We have the benefit of choosing what to carry forward with us, and plenty of academic and practical information to find value in where we came from.

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