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A 2022 Yule Ritual to Dream Big and Face the Darkness Together

I have been struggling recently, as I know many of you are. The holidays are difficult for many, especially those of us who are effectively on our own. We struggle to survive and keep everything afloat and the increased financial and social demands, as well as our desire to provide a good holiday for our children and loved ones sometimes feels like too much. This year is no different, and is one in a long line of disaster, extraction, and exploitation. The rollercoaster of constant catastrophic news and mounting anxiety has made it hard to feel festive.  Holidays we might have inherited culturally have been appropriated by capitalist Christians and…

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The Advent of Lucifer 2022

Day 1: The Oracle Day 2: The Sun Day 3: The Moon Day 4: The Earth Day 5: The Gardener Day 6: The Virgin Day 7: The Serpent Day 8: The Witch Day 9: The Protector Day 10: The Sidereal Day 11: The Lovers Day 12: The Hedonist Day 13: The Stranger Day 14: They/Them Day 15: Sacred Rage Day 16: The Cryptid Day 17: Innocence Day 18: Beauty Day 19: Little Ones Day 20: The Artist Day 21: Lacrimosa Day 22: Blood Day 23: Death Day 24: Sanctuary Day 25: Hail Thyself Day 26: The Liberator Day 27: Adventure Day 28: Community Day 29: The Rebel Day 30: The…

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A Ritual Meditation on Lucifer’s Light for Summer Solstice 2022

From the dawn of civilization, we have tracked the celestial giants and the paths they weave across the sky. The light that gives us life is perhaps the most important thing to celebrate, for without the sun, we would be nothing. This auspicious day is a great time to evaluate this life we have. We’ve made it through the first half of the year, and now, as the days begin to wane, we look forward to the coming harvest. As Luciferians, we need to take the time to celebrate Lucifer’s light that guides us; we are building a community for Lucifer, for us, and for our children. The last several…

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Satanists Can Purge Their Christian Past Through Unbaptisms

The process of unbaptism is becoming more popular—you may have heard of it before, or even been invited to an unbaptism party or ceremony. For many people this brings up a few important questions: What exactly is an unbaptism? Why would someone choose to have it done? Is unbaptism just for Satanists, or can anyone be unbaptized? First, I think we should talk about why a traditional Christian baptism is criticized by many Satanists. As I performed many unbaptisms over the last four years, I’ve learned that there are a variety of reasons that Satanists and non-Satanists alike are critical of having this ceremony performed on them in infancy. I…

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Darkest Days: A Simple Candle Ritual to Connect with Loved Ones

Rituals come in every conceivable shape, from months-long ceremony to quick bathroom prayers. To my mind, a great ritual has three properties: It’s as lean as it can be. Anyone can do it. It can be explained in seconds and makes complete sense. When Elisabeth Wingerter told me about her Yule ritual, it instantly ticked all three boxes and I asked if I could share it, because it’s incredibly simple, and its brilliance is in its simplicity. Whether it’s Yule or Winter Solstice to you, it’s the darkest day of the year, among a long string of dark days. It is a day full of import, physically and metaphorically. Humans…

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Raising the Bar for Satanic Aesthetics in an Era of Cringe

Ritual altar from Crossroads Assembly

Growing up during the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, I had a terrible fear of, and fascination with, “devil worshippers”. I never had to guess what Satanic aesthetics might look like, every adult in my life was happy to warn me. They wear black and red robes, pointy beards and other tedious, novelty facial hair. Other details changed to conform to the protean fears of white middle class parents: they might try to sell me drugs, or listen to heavy metal music, or, my personal favorite, entice me to play Dungeons & Dragons. Satanists were transformed into a terrifying bogeyman, central characters in playground superstition. We knew all about them,…

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Día de Muertos and the Importance of Ritualized Remembrance

“We know, if only vaguely and inchoately, that our finest and most memorable experiences may never, and indeed, ultimately will never, happen again. That is why we cherish them so.” ― Sheldon Solomon, The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life Somewhere in your home, in an accessible but out-of-the-way place, there is a small altar. Maybe it’s a shelf, a small table, or the top of a chest of drawers. On it, are framed pictures of deceased loved ones, friends, beloved pets. Maybe you burn some small candles, light incense, and set out some objects you associate with the departed. Maybe you go so far…

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