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A Ritual Meditation on Lucifer’s Light for Summer Solstice 2022

From the dawn of civilization, we have tracked the celestial giants and the paths they weave across the sky. The light that gives us life is perhaps the most important thing to celebrate, for without the sun, we would be nothing. This auspicious day is a great time to evaluate this life we have. We’ve made it through the first half of the year, and now, as the days begin to wane, we look forward to the coming harvest. As Luciferians, we need to take the time to celebrate Lucifer’s light that guides us; we are building a community for Lucifer, for us, and for our children. The last several…

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Tract Star: Jack Chick’s Most Unhinged Religious Comics

The temptations of Satan and his demons surround us on all sides. He and his dark legions are waiting around every corner, ready to seduce us with tabletop RPGs, parties, and Mormonism. The only thing standing between our tender souls and utter damnation is the dearly departed, hyper-Christian cartoonist Jack Chick and his infamous Chick tracts. They’re roughly the size and format of a Tijuana Bible, only instead of containing drawings of Olive Oyl getting spit-roasted by Popeye and Bluto, they’re filled with shrill evangelism and tangible paranoia. Because we love you, dear reader, we have assembled some of Jack Chick’s greatest triumphs to share with you. I’ve also chosen…

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