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Plantastic Movies to Inspire Your Green Thumb


Does your mind feel dry and fallow? Does your imagination need some fertilizer? Take a look at these six movies that will encourage, move, and provoke any plant-lover. A Man Named Pearl (2006) Key Words: Documentary, Black Gardens Matter, Uplifting Synopsis: This documentary showcases Pearl Fryar, a Black self-taught gardener and topiary artist from North Carolina, as he perseveres in building his beautiful green vision despite societal forces pressing against him. Why to Watch: Pearl Fryar is an inspiration to us all, regardless of how you prefer to keep your garden. Hardship and oppression only led him to create a world of living art. Seeing that world through his eyes…

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Food Independence is Possible, but It’s Much Harder Than You Think

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It’s well into Spring in the United States and COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every facet of daily life. Children are learning from home, simple grocery runs have become and awkward dance with the devil, and the best and worst of humanity is on full display everywhere you look. In two short months, our lives have been thrown into upheaval, but we’ve still had it relatively easy, because our food supply chain has remained running. The problem is that it’s been delivering food that was grown and prepared before the outbreak. The novel coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon, and so social safety precautions are going to dominate much of our living…

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10 Permaculture Youtube Channels You Can Binge

What is permaculture? In short, it’s sustainable organic farming with a huge dose of praxis and holistic ecology. It’s for people, by people, firmly grounded as inhabitants of a living world. It’s punk rock gardening. If you’re looking to get inspired, love to learn, or just want to zone out to something wholesome after a long day of horrors, here are 10 highly watchable channels representing hundreds of videos you can follow down the green rabbit hole. 1. Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Online 2. Edible Acres 3. Justin Rhodes 4. The Natural Farmer 5. Dirt Patch Heaven 6. Huws Nursery 7. The Grow Network 8. Living Web Farms 9. Growing Your…

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