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10 Dark Aesthetic Fashion Brands for Luciferians

As Luciferians we don’t have many fashion options that are specifically geared toward us. When you look up Luciferian or Satanic clothing what usually pops up are fast fashion t-shirts with occult symbols, cheap mass-produced jewelry, and very little else. The majority of these products are produced by outsiders looking for a quick buck. We deserve better, thoughtful wear for our wardrobes that doesn’t rely on harmful practices like slave labor, toxic materials, pollution, and waste. The big alternative companies churning out low-quality clothes would have you believe that they’re the only powerhouses in the alternative industry, but there are so many great small businesses that are redefining dark aesthetics…

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25 Useful Skills You Can Learn For Our Shitty Future

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In the immortal words of Stephen Paul Taylor, “Everybody’s knows shit’s fucked.” 11,000 scientists recently announced that shit’s fucked. While many of us would prefer to just handle business as efficiently as possible (please don’t), this list is about useful skills you can learn to do in the immediate future, which we are assured is going to be somewhere further down the Shit Spectrum™ than we are right now. The good news, gentle reader, is that we’re far from helpless in the coming fuckery. Helpless to create meaningful, dramatic change on a global scale under late stage capitalism in time to prevent unprecedented human suffering, yes, of course, but not…

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10 Permaculture Youtube Channels You Can Binge

What is permaculture? In short, it’s sustainable organic farming with a huge dose of praxis and holistic ecology. It’s for people, by people, firmly grounded as inhabitants of a living world. It’s punk rock gardening. If you’re looking to get inspired, love to learn, or just want to zone out to something wholesome after a long day of horrors, here are 10 highly watchable channels representing hundreds of videos you can follow down the green rabbit hole. 1. Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Online 2. Edible Acres 3. Justin Rhodes 4. The Natural Farmer 5. Dirt Patch Heaven 6. Huws Nursery 7. The Grow Network 8. Living Web Farms 9. Growing Your…

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