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10 Dark Aesthetic Fashion Brands for Luciferians

As Luciferians we don’t have many fashion options that are specifically geared toward us. When you look up Luciferian or Satanic clothing what usually pops up are fast fashion t-shirts with occult symbols, cheap mass-produced jewelry, and very little else. The majority of these products are produced by outsiders looking for a quick buck. We deserve better, thoughtful wear for our wardrobes that doesn’t rely on harmful practices like slave labor, toxic materials, pollution, and waste. The big alternative companies churning out low-quality clothes would have you believe that they’re the only powerhouses in the alternative industry, but there are so many great small businesses that are redefining dark aesthetics…

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Don’t Just Read About The Outdoors, Put Your Boots On The Ground!

For learning foraging and outdoor skills, a foundation of reading is great, but you really have to put your boots on the ground!

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Terrariums Have a Hopeful Message For Life on Earth

I like small things. I am an honorary member of the family corvidae. I hoard shiny stones, interesting sticks and dried plants. I am a part-time goblin. I keep small bones, stones and dead insects. I was in the local newspaper once for making terrain for wargames. I don’t care about model trains at all, but boy do I love their accountrements. Flocking. Mosses. Lichens. Foam hills and clay rocks and and plastic trees along a lazy stream of clear resin. I’ve had an obsession with imitating natural landscapes at miniature scale for a long time. It was a relaxing and satisfying hobby; if it had been a few years…

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Get Radicalized By The Peaceful Escape of Cottagecore

As the world is sliding into a capitalist hellscape, people are looking for a sense of comfort and familiarity. For millions responsibly isolating during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch came at the perfect time. Even if Tom Nook is a wildly unethical lender and landlord, the pastoral game offers not real familiarity, but the fantasy of comfort and familiarity, which might be even more powerful. That familiar fantasy is the mossy log foundation of cottagecore, an aesthetic trend born on Tumblr and reinvigorated years later during a health crisis that left everyone at home, uncertain, and looking for comforting…

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