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Tract Marks: More Berserk Religious Comics from Jack Chick

Just short while ago, I dug deep into an evangelical trash pile to bring you some of Jack Chick’s shrillest, most paranoid attempts to drum up business for Christ. We all had so much fun — except Jack, who only has fun imagining sweaty, sculpted gay men being subjected to various forms of torture — that we decided to do it again. Just like last time, I’m going to excerpt some of Jack’s choicest immortal dialogue for you, complete with his idiosyncratic punctuation and formatting. Boo Remember last time I did one of these, and I discussed Satan’s super short-sighted plan to manage an entire network of warehouse party venues…

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Prester John: The True Story of Medieval Europe’s Favorite Fake Emperor

People tend to think of urban legends as a fully modern phenomenon, inextricably linked to 20th century ephemera like highway hitchhiking or teens being menaced at Makeout Creek. In point of fact, the subject matter isn’t what makes an urban legend, it’s the way the stories spread. We’re talking about stories transmitted primarily by word-of-mouth, reinforced by the implied trustworthiness of friend-of-a-friend corroboration.  Your cousin’s friend’s boss totally found an entire cow eyeball in his Big Mac, why would he lie about that? And why would a hundred generations of Europeans lie about the existence of a mighty Christian utopia ruled by an immortal priest-king?  The answer is that it’s…

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Tract Star: Jack Chick’s Most Unhinged Religious Comics

The temptations of Satan and his demons surround us on all sides. He and his dark legions are waiting around every corner, ready to seduce us with tabletop RPGs, parties, and Mormonism. The only thing standing between our tender souls and utter damnation is the dearly departed, hyper-Christian cartoonist Jack Chick and his infamous Chick tracts. They’re roughly the size and format of a Tijuana Bible, only instead of containing drawings of Olive Oyl getting spit-roasted by Popeye and Bluto, they’re filled with shrill evangelism and tangible paranoia. Because we love you, dear reader, we have assembled some of Jack Chick’s greatest triumphs to share with you. I’ve also chosen…

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