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You Can Buy Food Plants and Seeds With EBT/SNAP Benefits!

Food prices and insecurity on everyone’s lips in 2022, but many people aren’t aware that the USDA Food and Nutrition Service allows people to buy food-producing plants and seeds with EBT and SNAP benefits. The programs aren’t new and seem to rarely be disclosed to benefit recipients: The Food Stamp Act of 1977 specifies that EBT cardholders can puchase plants with their benefits, while the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 adds that SNAP participants can buy plants and seeds. Where can you buy? You can buy plants and seeds anywhere you can use your SNAP card. Supermarkets and farmer’s markerts are both common places you might find seeds, plants,…

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10 Black-Owned Food Projects To Signal Boost

Food autonomy is freedom. That is true for absolutely everyone, but systemic racism, environmental injustice, economic collapse and climate change are creating a perfect storm in which Black people are in danger of being pushed to the margins as natural resources are commodified and hoarded by the wealthy. This is hardly new. In the 1920’s, there were nearly a million Black-owned farms in the United States. Thanks to the racist lending policies of the 1930’s, Black farmers were systemically unable to secure loans and access the same programs as their white contemporaries, and as of the early 2010’s, only 1.6% of U.S. farmers were Black, down from a peak of…

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