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It’s Time To Acknowledge We Need Help With Our Climate Grief

Visit our  10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate page for information about our program and information on how to join! The world is (literally, in a lot of places) on fire. Climate change. Ecological loss. The erosion of democracy. Deadly global pandemics. There is a lot going on, to say the least, and not only does it seem like no one in charge is doing anything meaningful about it, there are extremely loud communities of people violently resisting action about every one of these things and those people are everywhere. Just reading that might make you feel like you’re going to have an anxiety attack. That’s…

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8 Ways To Save Pollinators and Improve Your Garden

Spring is here, and with the warming weather and green blooms comes the constant reminder of ecological collapse at the hands of the ignorant, entitled and just plain selfish. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do in your own spaces to offset their damage until glorious revolution, and in the meantime every pollinator you foster will be vital to carrying on its role and preserving its species. A diversity of tactics is needed to obliterate the agents of ecological collapse, but here are 8 things you can do in your own spaces to be an amazing ecological steward: Think Ecologically Gardens are about a lot more than just birds and…

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The HeART Of Nature: A Review Of Dark Mountain 18-FABULA

I knew the 18th issue of The Dark Mountain Project, FABULA, was special when so many pages moved me to tears. I have always been a soft thing, soft as the creatures described in Julia Blackburn’s touching, fairy tale-esque “Three Buzzing Boys” (illustrated by  Johanna Lohrengel), but FABULA, being a collection of stories, is also a collection of emotions. Or as the Dark Mountain editors put it: “fiction…[moves] us in unexpected ways and [changes] our hearts, perhaps, as much as our thinking brains.” And our hearts are often directly affected by the words in FABULA. Some of these stories burn heavily in your chest because you know these stories contain…

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Narrating the Apocalypse: An Interview with Patrick Farnsworth

As the consequences of our Western colonialist society reach a roiling boil, the swirling chaos swallows most voices. Patrick Farnsworth, by calmly discussing our current reality with some of the wisest minds of our era, stands out from the noise. A long-form interviewer on his podcast, Last Born in the Wilderness, Patrick “covers such broad topics as anthropogenic climate change, radical political theory and praxis, animism, psychedelics, and current events.” He has collected 30 of these interviews and woven them with insightful commentary into a book, We Live in the Orbit of Beings Greater than Ourselves, published by Gods & Radicals Press. Patrick generously sat down with me to talk…

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Death Doula to the Planet: On Transitions and Climate Grief

Somewhere in the march of “progress”, Western civilization has commodified almost everything; even life and death are products. This commodification hides the realities of our existence—and the reality that existence is temporary. As Jessica Mitford said in her incisive critique, The American Way of Death, the funeral industry “[puts] on a well-oiled performance in which the concept of death played no part whatsoever.” These funereal magic shows leave us less and less able to understand death, but that effect is wanted, lest we become too squeamish to consume their death products. Some people are fighting back against the death industrial complex with an onslaught of alternative and “green” mortuary services.…

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Why Did Republicans Turn Against Life On Earth?

As unintuitive as it might sound in the year 2020, Republicans were once, even at their most wretched, a party of environmentalism. It was none other than Richard Nixon who gave us both the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. To answer the question of when Republicans made this hard pivot is easy: 1991, give or take. In 1991 there was no political disagreement about the environment among the US population. In 1992, there was. What happened between 1991 and 1992 that completely destroyed 29 years of American environmental policy? The northern spotted owl. Profit Over Life Starting in the late 1980s, logging companies and their…

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