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The HeART Of Nature: A Review Of Dark Mountain 18-FABULA

I knew the 18th issue of The Dark Mountain Project, FABULA, was special when so many pages moved me to tears. I have always been a soft thing, soft as the creatures described in Julia Blackburn’s touching, fairy tale-esque “Three Buzzing Boys” (illustrated by  Johanna Lohrengel), but FABULA, being a collection of stories, is also a collection of emotions. Or as the Dark Mountain editors put it: “fiction…[moves] us in unexpected ways and [changes] our hearts, perhaps, as much as our thinking brains.” And our hearts are often directly affected by the words in FABULA. Some of these stories burn heavily in your chest because you know these stories contain…

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Plantastic Movies to Inspire Your Green Thumb


Does your mind feel dry and fallow? Does your imagination need some fertilizer? Take a look at these six movies that will encourage, move, and provoke any plant-lover. A Man Named Pearl (2006) Key Words: Documentary, Black Gardens Matter, Uplifting Synopsis: This documentary showcases Pearl Fryar, a Black self-taught gardener and topiary artist from North Carolina, as he perseveres in building his beautiful green vision despite societal forces pressing against him. Why to Watch: Pearl Fryar is an inspiration to us all, regardless of how you prefer to keep your garden. Hardship and oppression only led him to create a world of living art. Seeing that world through his eyes…

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Living Through Horror: How Generational Trauma Shapes Our Monsters

A few weeks ago, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker announced that his show’s sixth season would be delayed in direct response to the impact of COVID-19. The thinking goes that the world doesn’t need any additional bleakness at the moment, which is a fair point. A more cynical observer might paraphrase Ron Swanson and ask why anyone would bother dramatizing the apocalypse when they could just go outside and stand in it. That makes sense on an intuitive level, but fails to take into account the fundamental nature of humanity. We call ourselves Homo sapiens, but we’re defined less by our wisdom than by our tendency — even instinct —…

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