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Advent of Lucifer Day 1: The Oracle

To divine is to imagine the world rightly, to see past the illusion that we are separate from the entire fabric of reality. – Gwendolyn Womack The Oracle Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer Horoscopes. Runes. Tarot. The stock market. The mantic arts are all around you, and always have been. Divination is a grand human tradition dating back to the first fires of humanity, and regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of belief, we’re forced to acknowledge that intentionally facilitating abstract thinking for the purpose of solving practical problems in creative ways seems to be a nearly universal human trait throughout our history. There are almost…

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The Advent of Lucifer 2022

Day 1: The Oracle Day 2: The Sun Day 3: The Moon Day 4: The Earth Day 5: The Gardener Day 6: The Virgin Day 7: The Serpent Day 8: The Witch Day 9: The Protector Day 10: The Sidereal Day 11: The Lovers Day 12: The Hedonist Day 13: The Stranger Day 14: They/Them Day 15: Sacred Rage Day 16: The Cryptid Day 17: Innocence Day 18: Beauty Day 19: Little Ones Day 20: The Artist Day 21: Lacrimosa Day 22: Blood Day 23: Death Day 24: Sanctuary Day 25: Hail Thyself Day 26: The Liberator Day 27: Adventure Day 28: Community Day 29: The Rebel Day 30: The…

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The Importance of Morals and Values in Communal Living

The topic of morality when discussing Left-Hand Path adherents can be amusing and unintuitive at best and confounding at worst. Some of the most morally pure people I’ve known, by my standards, have been Satanists. Some of the most amoral shitheads I’ve ever known have been Satanists, and proud of it. They’re a really hard group to paint with one brush, and Luciferians are even more opaque, running a gambit from Nazi sympathizers to “apolitical” occultist cryptids. Suffice it to say that religious affiliation alone isn’t enough to identify compatible co-habitants in the coming world. We have to be compatible not only in our moral priorities but in our personal…

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Darkest Days: A Simple Candle Ritual to Connect with Loved Ones

Rituals come in every conceivable shape, from months-long ceremony to quick bathroom prayers. To my mind, a great ritual has three properties: It’s as lean as it can be. Anyone can do it. It can be explained in seconds and makes complete sense. When Elisabeth Wingerter told me about her Yule ritual, it instantly ticked all three boxes and I asked if I could share it, because it’s incredibly simple, and its brilliance is in its simplicity. Whether it’s Yule or Winter Solstice to you, it’s the darkest day of the year, among a long string of dark days. It is a day full of import, physically and metaphorically. Humans…

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Septs and Enclaves: A Life Worth Living

The species in which peace and mutual support are the rule, prosper, while the unsociable species decay. ― Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution We are a cyclical species, and so are the things we create. We’ve been alive and self-aware long enough to know that we create little in the way of permanence, so if you’re waking up finding yourself in the surreal position of watching the realtime collapse of the civilization you were born into, know that you you’re in good company with millions of people throughout human history. Empires fall because systems change. Systems change in a crucible of nature, ideas, fears, and innumberable other factors. Civilization…

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