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Piper (she/her) is an eco/anarcha-feminist, animistic Satanic witch, educator, relationship anarchist, fat positive perky goth, & subversive submissive/pet.

The HeART Of Nature: A Review Of Dark Mountain 18-FABULA

I knew the 18th issue of The Dark Mountain Project, FABULA, was special when so many pages moved me to tears. I have always been a soft thing, soft as the creatures described in Julia Blackburn’s touching, fairy tale-esque “Three Buzzing Boys” (illustrated by  Johanna Lohrengel), but FABULA, being a collection of stories, is also a collection of emotions. Or as the Dark Mountain editors put it: “fiction…[moves] us in unexpected ways and [changes] our hearts, perhaps, as much as our thinking brains.” And our hearts are often directly affected by the words in FABULA. Some of these stories burn heavily in your chest because you know these stories contain…

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Narrating the Apocalypse: An Interview with Patrick Farnsworth

As the consequences of our Western colonialist society reach a roiling boil, the swirling chaos swallows most voices. Patrick Farnsworth, by calmly discussing our current reality with some of the wisest minds of our era, stands out from the noise. A long-form interviewer on his podcast, Last Born in the Wilderness, Patrick “covers such broad topics as anthropogenic climate change, radical political theory and praxis, animism, psychedelics, and current events.” He has collected 30 of these interviews and woven them with insightful commentary into a book, We Live in the Orbit of Beings Greater than Ourselves, published by Gods & Radicals Press. Patrick generously sat down with me to talk…

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Plantastic Movies to Inspire Your Green Thumb


Does your mind feel dry and fallow? Does your imagination need some fertilizer? Take a look at these six movies that will encourage, move, and provoke any plant-lover. A Man Named Pearl (2006) Key Words: Documentary, Black Gardens Matter, Uplifting Synopsis: This documentary showcases Pearl Fryar, a Black self-taught gardener and topiary artist from North Carolina, as he perseveres in building his beautiful green vision despite societal forces pressing against him. Why to Watch: Pearl Fryar is an inspiration to us all, regardless of how you prefer to keep your garden. Hardship and oppression only led him to create a world of living art. Seeing that world through his eyes…

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Death Doula to the Planet: On Transitions and Climate Grief

Somewhere in the march of “progress”, Western civilization has commodified almost everything; even life and death are products. This commodification hides the realities of our existence—and the reality that existence is temporary. As Jessica Mitford said in her incisive critique, The American Way of Death, the funeral industry “[puts] on a well-oiled performance in which the concept of death played no part whatsoever.” These funereal magic shows leave us less and less able to understand death, but that effect is wanted, lest we become too squeamish to consume their death products. Some people are fighting back against the death industrial complex with an onslaught of alternative and “green” mortuary services.…

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Practical Anathemas: Protecting Books from Climate Chaos

Invocation “If anyone take away this book, let him die the death; let him be fried in a pan; let the falling sickness and fever seize him; let him be broken on the wheel, and hanged.” a book curse, or anathema, at the end of a 12th century bible. Scribes and illuminators spent years of their lives on books they knew intimately. These artisans then had to protect their work from dangers like Viking raids. Having a little extra help, in the magical sense, would certainly be tempting in those circumstances. Books were not only a part of these people’s lives, but also objects that took on a life of…

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Satan’s School for Ghouls: Luciferian Dark Academia

“There is nothing wrong with the love of Beauty. But Beauty – unless she is wed to something more meaningful – is always superficial.” ― Donna Tartt, The Secret History Satanists search for beauty in far-flung corners, looking from church to dungeon to nature and back for what pleases the eye and heart- and from the Tumblr-verse emerges an intriguing new style that might pique our interest: Dark Academia. Blogger The Ancients and the Moderns describes the Dark Academic as wearing: “simple gold or silver jewellery, blouses or turtle necks, midi or maxi skirts (tweed is perfect), and always has several books on their person, with ideally one in a…

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How To Stay Sane and Keep Kids on Track During the Pandemic

One of the challenges of writing a guide to education during the COVID-19 outbreak is that each state and district can vary widely in the way it chooses to respond to issues (not to mention charter and private schools). The best source of information about your child’s education is your individual school, followed then by your state board of education/governing body for your charter/private school. These links are designed to start pointing you toward the best resources available.  Also, it needs to be said that all of these resources will be easier for people with more privileges to access and utilize. If you know of families needing ESL, disability, income,…

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