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Lilyth Black is a Theistic Luciferian Witch. She has been practicing for 16 years, and specializes in energy work, divination, meditation, ritual craft and demonology.

A 2022 Yule Ritual to Dream Big and Face the Darkness Together

I have been struggling recently, as I know many of you are. The holidays are difficult for many, especially those of us who are effectively on our own. We struggle to survive and keep everything afloat and the increased financial and social demands, as well as our desire to provide a good holiday for our children and loved ones sometimes feels like too much. This year is no different, and is one in a long line of disaster, extraction, and exploitation. The rollercoaster of constant catastrophic news and mounting anxiety has made it hard to feel festive.  Holidays we might have inherited culturally have been appropriated by capitalist Christians and…

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10 Dark Aesthetic Fashion Brands for Luciferians

As Luciferians we don’t have many fashion options that are specifically geared toward us. When you look up Luciferian or Satanic clothing what usually pops up are fast fashion t-shirts with occult symbols, cheap mass-produced jewelry, and very little else. The majority of these products are produced by outsiders looking for a quick buck. We deserve better, thoughtful wear for our wardrobes that doesn’t rely on harmful practices like slave labor, toxic materials, pollution, and waste. The big alternative companies churning out low-quality clothes would have you believe that they’re the only powerhouses in the alternative industry, but there are so many great small businesses that are redefining dark aesthetics…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 31: The Lightbringer

Those who are enlightened never stop forging themselves. — Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace The Lightbringer Finale of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer Lightbringer! Enlightenment! Light, illumination, knowledge! Every Luciferian associates Lucifer with enlightenment and the delivery (and deliverance) of knowledge, but most would be hard pressed to say exactly why. Our own exegesis is scant once you depart Christianity, and within Christianity, Lucifer is barely described at all, and then not consistently. Few scholars can agree whether was being described a literal being or a hateful metaphor for a king of Tyre, or Babylon, as political propaganda about them forms the core of most Christian belief. For a…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 30: The Wayfinder

You got to go down a lot of wrong roads to find the right one.– Arthur C Clarke The Wayfinder Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer To say that no one has blazed a trail for us would be an understatement. In most of the world, the way is relatively smoothed for conformists willing to maintain the status quo, while outsiders are left to fend for themselves. There are personal and social resources that are simply unavailable to people unwilling to toe the line. In particular, religious communities look out for each other in advantageous ways, and for the crime of non-participation, we are simply excluded from any of…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 29: The Rebel

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” ― John Milton, Paradise Lost The Rebel Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer [Written by Jinx Strange, from the Luciferian Dominion Patreon] More than any other time in my adult life, things feel like too much. There is so much going on, a lot of it is really bad. As a person who naturally wants to protect and provide, it’s very difficult for me to feel so out of control when so many people I love are hurting. It’s a suffocating, weightless feeling. I feel like I’m falling. A mangled King James proverb (from Proverbs, appropriately) says that “pride goeth before a…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 28: Community

The species in which peace and mutual support are the rule, prosper, while the unsociable species decay. ― Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. – Margaret J. Wheatley Community Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer Not everyone deserves our love. It would be stupid, even self-destructive to invest that kind of emotional energy without discrimination. We are not infinite being with infinite resources and we have to use discernment to know where to best apply our gifts, and love is absolutely a gift. We don’t love the pedophile. We don’t love the…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 27: Adventure

 “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” — Bilbo Baggins Adventure Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer For the last few years, it’s felt really good to have routines. The world is chaotic and shitty, and our suite of regular comfort activities is one of the ways we soothe and feel like we have some control. The world is changing, though. That is precisely the anxiety we’re trying to escape. But we should be wary about being too comfortable, not only from a belief in…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 26: The Liberator

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” ― Rosa Luxemburg The Liberator Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer Liberation, like Enlightenment, is a term that gets thrown around a lot in Satanist and Luciferian circles without ever managing to actually mean anything. Most of us think of liberation as being free from constraints, but the conversation tends to peter off there. Do we believe in abject unrestriction to act upon every whim? Do we believe in speech that is purposefully misleading, or designed to poison? Do we believe in freedom to shit down the well? Frankly, I don’t believe most people are responsible or considerate enough…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 25: Hail Thyself

If you have earned your self-respect, respect by others is a luxury; if you haven’t, respect by others is a necessity. – Nassim Nicholas Taleb Hail Thyself Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer First, let’s define what “hailing yourself” means to me, in this context: it is a non-judgmental, full-throated acceptance, endorsement and acknowledgment of exactly who and what you are. In Satanism, hailing something isn’t just a meek, quiet approval. It’s something you shout. It’s something you project! Hail Satan! Effusive self-praise is kind of like eating ice-cream for dinner; sometimes it’s a necessary morale booster, but it just feels like bad advice to give someone. You’re going…

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Advent of Lucifer Day 24: Sanctuary

Home is where the heart is. — Pliny the Elder Sanctuary Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer With the caveat that no harm is done to people or ecology, we believe that everyone is entitled to sovereign space to keep their ways and provide for themselves as best they are able. Of course, no such entitlement exists under capitalism, where people are farmed like livestock and must “earn” their right to shelter through wealth generation, an intentional product of land enclosure. Be as that may, we believe that sacred space should be established in every kind of living arrangement that nourishes the soul. Human beings need periods of peace…

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