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Jinx Strange is a perfumer, publisher and Archlector of the Luciferian Dominion. He holds certifications in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University, and Medicinal Plants from Cornell University.

10 Black-Owned Food Projects To Signal Boost

Food autonomy is freedom. That is true for absolutely everyone, but systemic racism, environmental injustice, economic collapse and climate change are creating a perfect storm in which Black people are in danger of being pushed to the margins as natural resources are commodified and hoarded by the wealthy. This is hardly new. In the 1920’s, there were nearly a million Black-owned farms in the United States. Thanks to the racist lending policies of the 1930’s, Black farmers were systemically unable to secure loans and access the same programs as their white contemporaries, and as of the early 2010’s, only 1.6% of U.S. farmers were Black, down from a peak of…

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Get Radicalized By The Peaceful Escape of Cottagecore

As the world is sliding into a capitalist hellscape, people are looking for a sense of comfort and familiarity. For millions responsibly isolating during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch came at the perfect time. Even if Tom Nook is a wildly unethical lender and landlord, the pastoral game offers not real familiarity, but the fantasy of comfort and familiarity, which might be even more powerful. That familiar fantasy is the mossy log foundation of cottagecore, an aesthetic trend born on Tumblr and reinvigorated years later during a health crisis that left everyone at home, uncertain, and looking for comforting…

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Food Independence is Possible, but It’s Much Harder Than You Think

Header displaying a variety of vegetables

It’s well into Spring in the United States and COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every facet of daily life. Children are learning from home, simple grocery runs have become and awkward dance with the devil, and the best and worst of humanity is on full display everywhere you look. In two short months, our lives have been thrown into upheaval, but we’ve still had it relatively easy, because our food supply chain has remained running. The problem is that it’s been delivering food that was grown and prepared before the outbreak. The novel coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon, and so social safety precautions are going to dominate much of our living…

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Snake Oil and Fake Latin: The Satanic Coronavirus Grift

Satanists like to be experts. Arrogance is baked right in; you don’t just tell God to fuck off to His face without at least a little hubris. From knowledge comes certainty, and from certainty, confidence. Confidence is sexy, and above all, Satanists like to feel sexy. But few things are as genital-withering as the insecurity of diseased pride. Just a toe’s length beyond the line of cool confidence lies a simpering Dunning-Krugerism, a common-as-dirt impulse to assert yourself as an authority no matter how uninformed or unprepared you might be. There is the assumption that just because people are listening, you must have something to say. The Satanic Temple has…

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Why Did Republicans Turn Against Life On Earth?

As unintuitive as it might sound in the year 2020, Republicans were once, even at their most wretched, a party of environmentalism. It was none other than Richard Nixon who gave us both the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. To answer the question of when Republicans made this hard pivot is easy: 1991, give or take. In 1991 there was no political disagreement about the environment among the US population. In 1992, there was. What happened between 1991 and 1992 that completely destroyed 29 years of American environmental policy? The northern spotted owl. Profit Over Life Starting in the late 1980s, logging companies and their…

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Lupercalia Is Awesome But It Isn’t A Satanic BDSM Holiday

In its bid to prove itself a “real religion” to the city of Scottsdale, Arizona for the purpose of a lawsuit, The Satanic Temple rolled out an assemblage of slapped-together “holidays” that was unquestioningly adopted by its more sycophantic members while being roundly criticized by others. While some are inane like “Your Birthday”, or self-aggrandizing like the Temple’s “Founding Day”, perhaps the most unfortunate and inexplicable inclusion is the ancient Roman fertility and purification festival Lupercalia. Consequently, Lupercalia has been billed by this increasingly-horny sect as a holiday celebrating BDSM, bodily autonomy, even asexuality as an afterthought when ace Temple members complained about this becoming an overtly heteronormative porkfest. Lupercalia…

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Septs and Enclaves: A Life Worth Living

The species in which peace and mutual support are the rule, prosper, while the unsociable species decay. ― Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution We are a cyclical species, and so are the things we create. We’ve been alive and self-aware long enough to know that we create little in the way of permanence, so if you’re waking up finding yourself in the surreal position of watching the realtime collapse of the civilization you were born into, know that you you’re in good company with millions of people throughout human history. Empires fall because systems change. Systems change in a crucible of nature, ideas, fears, and innumberable other factors. Civilization…

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Hail Yourself!: A Satanic Monument to Mediocrity

Satanists have yet to master the art of monument building. I won’t name and shame here, but there’s the high quality one inexplicably featuring children, the military-themed birdbath, and there’s even one that looks like a reindeer-themed Christmas ornament sculpted from mashed potatoes, known lovingly in some circles as “Mashomet”. Perhaps the most insidious monument to Satanic mediocrity however, is a simple two-word mantra: Hail yourself! I know, I recently told you that your creased Party City robes aren’t good enough, and now I’m trying to take away a ubiquitous part of Satanic t-shirt culture, but before thy jimmies are rustled, let me be really clear about the following point:…

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Raising the Bar for Satanic Aesthetics in an Era of Cringe

Ritual altar from Crossroads Assembly

Growing up during the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, I had a terrible fear of, and fascination with, “devil worshippers”. I never had to guess what Satanic aesthetics might look like, every adult in my life was happy to warn me. They wear black and red robes, pointy beards and other tedious, novelty facial hair. Other details changed to conform to the protean fears of white middle class parents: they might try to sell me drugs, or listen to heavy metal music, or, my personal favorite, entice me to play Dungeons & Dragons. Satanists were transformed into a terrifying bogeyman, central characters in playground superstition. We knew all about them,…

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25 Useful Skills You Can Learn For Our Shitty Future

useful skills homing pigeon

In the immortal words of Stephen Paul Taylor, “Everybody’s knows shit’s fucked.” 11,000 scientists recently announced that shit’s fucked. While many of us would prefer to just handle business as efficiently as possible (please don’t), this list is about useful skills you can learn to do in the immediate future, which we are assured is going to be somewhere further down the Shit Spectrum™ than we are right now. The good news, gentle reader, is that we’re far from helpless in the coming fuckery. Helpless to create meaningful, dramatic change on a global scale under late stage capitalism in time to prevent unprecedented human suffering, yes, of course, but not…

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