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Jinx Strange is a perfumer, publisher and Archlector of the Luciferian Dominion. He holds certifications in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University, and Medicinal Plants from Cornell University.

The Advent of Lucifer 2022

Day 1: The Oracle Day 2: The Sun Day 3: The Moon Day 4: The Earth Day 5: The Gardener Day 6: The Virgin Day 7: The Serpent Day 8: The Witch Day 9: The Protector Day 10: The Sidereal Day 11: The Lovers Day 12: The Hedonist Day 13: The Stranger Day 14: They/Them Day 15: Sacred Rage Day 16: The Cryptid Day 17: Innocence Day 18: Beauty Day 19: Little Ones Day 20: The Artist Day 21: Lacrimosa Day 22: Blood Day 23: Death Day 24: Sanctuary Day 25: Hail Thyself Day 26: The Liberator Day 27: Adventure Day 28: Community Day 29: The Rebel Day 30: The…

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You Can Buy Food Plants and Seeds With EBT/SNAP Benefits!

Food prices and insecurity on everyone’s lips in 2022, but many people aren’t aware that the USDA Food and Nutrition Service allows people to buy food-producing plants and seeds with EBT and SNAP benefits. The programs aren’t new and seem to rarely be disclosed to benefit recipients: The Food Stamp Act of 1977 specifies that EBT cardholders can puchase plants with their benefits, while the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 adds that SNAP participants can buy plants and seeds. Where can you buy? You can buy plants and seeds anywhere you can use your SNAP card. Supermarkets and farmer’s markerts are both common places you might find seeds, plants,…

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I Don’t Want To “Meet” The Monied White People Going Off Grid, Thanks

Well, isn’t that nice. Podbert and R’lyeh McMayo just leveraged Podbert’s inheritance into fifteen acres in New Hampshire that they’re turning into a for-profit soy farm! Arn Rand, a highly vocal and thrice-divorced libertarian just cashed in his 401k from 20 dehumanizing years at the wealth extraction factory, and used it to impulsively and messily homestead! Ragnar Ragnaragnar, formerly Eric Boring, got his 22andMe results back, and since he’s 8% Scandinavian, he and his wife Brunhilde, formerly Katylynn, received 10 pristine, arable acres from Brun’s parents as a wedding gift, on which they get to play Viking Homestead™ on their family’s branded Instagram! Don’t you want to meet them? Don’t…

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Oops All Poison: The Internet and Bad Herbal Abortion Advice

One of herbal abortions most dangerous pitfalls is the misinformation flooding the internet. Google “Herbal Abortion” and pages of websites, blogs and articles come up, each claiming to be the herbal abortion expert[…]. The internet has emboldened many frustrated woman to believe that she could easily do-it-herself. Misinformation is often what leads to instances of accidental poisoning, under dosing (leading to issues during pregnancy) and death, in certain cases. Maya Lewis, Drink Me and Abort Your Baby: The Herbal Abortion Tea, City University of New York Academic Works It’s a Tuesday in The Great Crumble, and as the political – apparently even cognitive – division in the United States deepens,…

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It’s Time To Acknowledge We Need Help With Our Climate Grief

Visit our  10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate page for information about our program and information on how to join! The world is (literally, in a lot of places) on fire. Climate change. Ecological loss. The erosion of democracy. Deadly global pandemics. There is a lot going on, to say the least, and not only does it seem like no one in charge is doing anything meaningful about it, there are extremely loud communities of people violently resisting action about every one of these things and those people are everywhere. Just reading that might make you feel like you’re going to have an anxiety attack. That’s…

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We Are Very Close To Making Non-Woo Herbal Medicine Free For Everyone

Click here to donate to our fundraiser. In 2019, members of the Luciferian Dominion raised $900 so that I could attend Oregon State University’s Permaculture Design program as a conclusion of a years-long education in permaculture. The idea was to fill in any gaps in my own learning, and enable me to start passing on this knowledge and experience without leaving it locked up behind a university paywall. I’ve been teaching permaculture concepts and helping with projects all over the world ever since. This ask is bigger, more ambitious, and I think it’s very important to share with you some of the reasons why this is much bigger than a…

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The Importance of Morals and Values in Communal Living

The topic of morality when discussing Left-Hand Path adherents can be amusing and unintuitive at best and confounding at worst. Some of the most morally pure people I’ve known, by my standards, have been Satanists. Some of the most amoral shitheads I’ve ever known have been Satanists, and proud of it. They’re a really hard group to paint with one brush, and Luciferians are even more opaque, running a gambit from Nazi sympathizers to “apolitical” occultist cryptids. Suffice it to say that religious affiliation alone isn’t enough to identify compatible co-habitants in the coming world. We have to be compatible not only in our moral priorities but in our personal…

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Nothing Works The Way The Satanic Temple Thinks It Does

I’m exhausted. Every Satanist, abortion activist and clinic escort I know is exhausted. Because, once again, abortion rights are under attack in America, and once again, The Satanic Temple has elbowed their way to the front of the discourse with wild claims, specious reasoning, and a concerningly frantic “only we can fix this” narrative. The state of Texas has, effectively banned abortions in all but language and has been signaled by the 6-3 conservative Supreme Court that it will be allowed to do so with impunity, despite Roe v. Wade still standing, for now. The law as written circumvents Roe v. Wade and federal restrictions on enforcement by empowering citizen…

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8 Ways To Save Pollinators and Improve Your Garden

Spring is here, and with the warming weather and green blooms comes the constant reminder of ecological collapse at the hands of the ignorant, entitled and just plain selfish. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do in your own spaces to offset their damage until glorious revolution, and in the meantime every pollinator you foster will be vital to carrying on its role and preserving its species. A diversity of tactics is needed to obliterate the agents of ecological collapse, but here are 8 things you can do in your own spaces to be an amazing ecological steward: Think Ecologically Gardens are about a lot more than just birds and…

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Calida Rawles Dreams A Fresh Look At Lilith

Lilith is a complicated figure by any account. She emerges, serpentine, from the mists of Babylon, darts like a hare through Jewish apocrypha, and becomes a blank canvas onto which church fathers and rebellious teens alike project their fears and hopes. Dubious practitioners tug on her like a tattered doll, asserting ownership while missing (or conveniently ignoring) the fact that Lilith, consistent with her mythology, refuses to be owned or projected upon. Lilith is an idea, born of the earth and possessed of humanity’s divine spark. Lilith is one of us – all of us – the first and forsaken, and possessed of all our flaws and joys. If I’m…

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