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Evyn Aytch is an esoteric Satanist from the metro Detroit area. He holds a degree in philosophy from Eastern Michigan University. His interests include Satanic ritual and ceremony, Satanic theory, and transgender philosophy.

Satanists Can Purge Their Christian Past Through Unbaptisms

The process of unbaptism is becoming more popular—you may have heard of it before, or even been invited to an unbaptism party or ceremony. For many people this brings up a few important questions: What exactly is an unbaptism? Why would someone choose to have it done? Is unbaptism just for Satanists, or can anyone be unbaptized? First, I think we should talk about why a traditional Christian baptism is criticized by many Satanists. As I performed many unbaptisms over the last four years, I’ve learned that there are a variety of reasons that Satanists and non-Satanists alike are critical of having this ceremony performed on them in infancy. I…

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