Advent of Lucifer Day 6: The Virgin

Lilith said, ‘I will not lie below,’ and Adam said, ‘I will not lie beneath you, but only on top. For you are fit only to be in the bottom position, while I am to be the superior one.’ Lilith responded, ‘We are equal to each other inasmuch as we were both created from the earth.’ – Lilith, The Alphabet of ben Sirach

The Virgin

Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer

Lilith is such a misconceptualized figure that we have to wipe the slate clean of what has filtered through to us from pop culture, and begin as Lilith did upon her ouster from the Garden: with a clean slate.

Our concept of Lilith is rooted in the The Alphabet of ben Sirach, a subversive and even heretical early Hebrew story existing outside the Jewish canon, but very loosely attached to midrash (ancient Jewish exegetical practice).

We too believe that we are equal to each other inasmuch as we were all created from the earth. It is that to which our nutrients return, and from which we derive our gnosis while alive. We recognize Lilith as the First Woman and the First Virgin. She is an emblem of body autonomy, righteous discernment, and life on one’s own terms. Lilith had rather be hunted by vengeful angels than submit to Adam or her creator, and so we hail her, perhaps above even Lucifer himself, for Lilith was always one of us.

Charging the Sigil

The Virgin inspires us to reject those who would chain us – as Lilith rejected Adam. We are our own masters, owing our lives to no one but ourselves. We enact our own will upon the world, bending to nothing and no one who would dare harm us. We are not humble bystanders, easily walked over. The Virgin inspires us to take action, and to create the world as we see fit. 

As we devote our time this month to honoring Lucifer, charging our sigil encourages a deeper connection. If this is your first time charging a symbol like this, you can think of it like a moodboard – this sigil represents us as a community and religion. What does this sigil mean to you? What can it represent? Take the time to focus and reflect, meditate on what each of our concepts mean to you and how they can apply to our lives. 

For our energy workers, you may charge our sigil by visualizing a bright white light surrounding it. Use breath work to guide this energy into the sigil, knowing that it grows in strength as you do so. You can also focus our themed concepts into the sigil using meditation and our affirmations to program this energy. This will serve to strengthen our sigil for later use in our ritual.  

The following incantation may be used as part of your sigil charging, or used as an affirmation:

“I am my own master, by my will alone do I create.”

Daily Devotion

The Virgin inspires us to stand tall and reject that which harms us. It’s time to cut the toxic people and habits from your life, as they are holding you back from your true strength. Journal today that which you wish to free yourself from, and evaluate what it is you need to do to eliminate these things from your life. We are free to be as we are – with nothing holding us back from leading happy, fulfilled lives. 

Further Reading

The following resources may be enjoyed to deepen your connection to today’s concept. Please note that links to reading are not endorsements of every idea contained therein but are intended to offer a more broadly informed view.

The Global Struggle For Bodily Autonomy

Lilith and the Demonization of Women

Make Your Own

We encourage you to make your own oracle card for each of our themed days, so that come the end of our Advent, you will have your own Luciferian oracle deck. These cards may be used to give you insight on what you may need to work with in the future. 

We recommend using blank playing cards if available, but any kind of art or canvas cards, even lined notecards can be used. Make your drawing or symbol (it doesn’t have to be amazing, only meaningful to you) on one side and on the other write down any key phrases or words or concepts that resonate with the image to you.

If you choose to share your result, which we would love to see, you may use the hashtags #luciferiandominion and #adventoflucifer so that we can find them! If you choose to make your oracle deck part of your #Inktober or #Drawloween events, please feel free to use those hashtags and include them in relevant spaces!

Happy creating during this blessed Advent!

Lilyth Black is a Theistic Luciferian Witch. She has been practicing for 16 years, and specializes in energy work, divination, meditation, ritual craft and demonology.

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