Advent of Lucifer Day 5: The Gardener

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

– Greek proverb

The Gardener

Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer

The essence of gardening boils down to one simple concept: If you put in what is required, you gain what is desired.Gardening is a beautiful, transactional dance with the natural world in which one is rewarded for learning the steps and punished for lack of care or ignorance. Gardening is, for us in the Luciferian Dominion, both a symbolic and literal connection to the natural world. We garden to provide, to survive, to play, and to deepen our understanding of the currents and systems that sustain us. Through gardening, we find the strength and fragility in the world around us and in ourselves. We learn to appreciate impossibly small things. We learn warning signs anyone else would miss.

We view Lilith as a gardener, taking her knowledge of The Garden, and creating her own and through it curating a fully human experience. The garden provides food, pleasure, medicine, and poison. Through it, we can nourish and heal our bodies, provide food, achieve ecstasy, create beauty, and yes, even kill.

The garden is all human things, and the gardener is all human, a steward of the sacred soil, a wise serpent, belly to the earth, learning her secrets away from the prying eyes of God. Humanity is sovereign, and the garden the key to our sovereignty. Through gardening, we are truly independent and free.

Most importantly, through tending the earth, we learn that we may tend all systems we interact with. To see through the eyes of a gardener is to see what is required so that one may receive what is desired; from the earth, from our human relationships, from ourselves.

Charging the Sigil

The Gardener speaks to our very souls as we are the stewards of Mother Earth, lending our hands to help grow and nourish the very being that gives us life. It is our duty to take care of these lands and precious waters. Without our help to make the changes needed, the Earth is facing devastating environmental consequences. We must advocate for Mother Earth, but preparation is key, so that we may survive the coming disasters and regrow our natural wilderness when the time comes. The Gardener asks us to learn and grow our skills, so that we may be better caretakers. Our children and future generations are depending on us to learn what we can so we can ensure they have a healthy Earth to enjoy.

As we devote our time this month to honoring Lucifer, charging our sigil encourages a deeper connection. If this is your first time charging a symbol like this, you can think of it like a mood board – this sigil represents us as a community and religion. What does this sigil mean to you? What can it represent? Take the time to focus and reflect, meditate on what each of our concepts mean to you and how they can apply to our lives. 

For our energy workers, you may charge our sigil by visualizing a bright white light surrounding it. Use breath work to guide this energy into the sigil, knowing that it grows in strength as you do so. You can also focus our themed concepts into the sigil using meditation and our affirmations to program this energy. This will serve to strengthen our sigil for later use in our ritual.  

The following incantation may be used as part of your sigil charging, or used as an affirmation:

“Let the Earth yield her secrets, so that we may care

for the Earth as she cares for us.”

Daily Devotion

The Gardener inspires us to learn and grow our skills. Take the time today to research preparation, learn something new, like the basics of foraging, canning, or how to purify drinking water. These topics and more will require action on our part, as being a skilled Gardener means we must hone these skills with practice. 

We may also take action in little ways today – like finding a local park and cleaning up what you can. 

Further Reading

The following resources may be enjoyed to deepen your connection to today’s concept. Please note that links to reading are not endorsements of every idea contained therein but are intended to offer a more broadly informed view.

8 Ways To Save Pollinators And Improve Your Garden

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Make Your Own

We encourage you to make your own oracle card for each of our themed days, so that come the end of our Advent, you will have your own Luciferian oracle deck. These cards may be used to give you insight on what you may need to work with in the future. 

We recommend using blank playing cards if available, but any kind of art or canvas cards, even lined notecards can be used. Make your drawing or symbol (it doesn’t have to be amazing, only meaningful to you) on one side and on the other write down any key phrases or words or concepts that resonate with the image to you.

If you choose to share your result, which we would love to see, you may use the hashtags #luciferiandominion and #adventoflucifer so that we can find them! If you choose to make your oracle deck part of your #Inktober or #Drawloween events, please feel free to use those hashtags and include them in relevant spaces!

Happy creating during this blessed Advent!

Lilyth Black is a Theistic Luciferian Witch. She has been practicing for 16 years, and specializes in energy work, divination, meditation, ritual craft and demonology.

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