Advent of Lucifer Day 31: The Lightbringer

Those who are enlightened never stop forging themselves.

Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

The Lightbringer

Finale of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer

Lightbringer! Enlightenment! Light, illumination, knowledge!

Every Luciferian associates Lucifer with enlightenment and the delivery (and deliverance) of knowledge, but most would be hard pressed to say exactly why. Our own exegesis is scant once you depart Christianity, and within Christianity, Lucifer is barely described at all, and then not consistently. Few scholars can agree whether was being described a literal being or a hateful metaphor for a king of Tyre, or Babylon, as political propaganda about them forms the core of most Christian belief.

For a relationship to knowledge, we have only this, from the prophet Ezekiel: “You were the signet of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.”

I suppose you could ascribe any trait you wanted to a being described this way.

Why we associate Lucifer with knowledge and wisdom isn’t as important as what it actually means in our daily praxis. Ironically, this is where the application of the lessons of the Lightbringer begin to go dark.

There is a certain principle of “yes anding” in religious roleplay that implicitly says, “If you sign off on whatever I make up, I’ll sign off on whatever you make up.” Sadly, thus far, this is what has defined Luciferianism. For a bunch of people concerned with “knowledge” and “enlightenment”, if you enter virtually any Luciferian space, you will find throngs of people promoting these homebrew D&D theologies that are more Dunning-Kruger delirium than coherent thought based in anything like actual knowledge. People have been drawn to the “enlightenment” of Luciferianism in the same way that Libertarians are drawn to “liberty”; they aren’t really concerned with anyone’s actual freedom but their own – their freedom to do or believe any toxic or harmful thing that they want, free from consequence.

Luciferianism has become a haven for people who feel entitled to just make up anything, in defiance of existing knowledge, and assert it as true. It has become a harbor for people who can’t process information to pretend at the laws of the universe in a way that artificially props them up without requiring any real effort or challenge. It has become a place where merit goes to die.

I say this not to excoriate and shame Luciferians entirely, but to say that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can do better. We can be better. We can invite and support our fellows to do and be better, and by this righteously leave behind people who were only ever here for the sake of roleplay or propping up self esteem that was better left to collapse so that rebuilding could begin in earnest.

So much of our beleaguered history is predicated entirely on people capitalizing on the non-understanding of others; it is in the Orientalism of Crowley and Blavatsky, who lived in a time where the East was mysterious and poorly understood in the West, where anything not understood could easily be sold as “magick”. It is in the Solomonic make believe that Hebrew is a magical language because you don’t understand it. It is in the misguided worship of Goetic Pokemon – Ars Goetica being as transparent a work of fiction as the Necronomicon, and as likely to help you attain earthly security and power.

If anyone were going to get anywhere by sucking at the teat of bored, spoiled occultists who were born around the time the telegraph was invented, they would have by now.

I firmly believe in taking what is of value, but we have to reject that school of thought completely as Luciferians if we are going to claim to value knowledge, wisdom, or enlightenment as concepts. Circulating grift intentionally based on misunderstanding cannot and should not be the core of any ideology that claims to.

If we want to walk in the Light, we must be willing to endure the Light. We must be willing to subject our ideas to the test of truth, and to let burn away what can be burned away. There is no shame in shedding a skin that no longer fits, that never should have fit – growth cannot happen without this.

If you want to be a Lightbringer, start with yourself. Start with what is based in evidence. Start with what you can materially prove works. We do not believe in the reward of an afterlife, we believe in the fruits of the here and now, and therefore anything that does not serve the here and now does not serve at all. Ask yourself if making up your own shit is really worth the alienation. If self-indulgence is worth the cost of communal will.

We live in dark times. We are opposed on all sides, We absolutely cannot afford the luxury of self-delusion.

Charging the Sigil

The Lightbringer inspires us to shine bright and illuminate our world. Lucifer has given us so much; knowledge, wisdom, beauty, meaning, purpose. Our inner light needs to shine just as brightly as he does, and we need to share that with the world. There’s so much darkness that we need to be the light guiding the way. We are the Lightbringers of this world, destined to heal and balance the dark. 

As we devote our time this month to honoring Lucifer, charging our sigil encourages a deeper connection. If this is your first time charging a symbol like this, you can think of it like a moodboard – this sigil represents us as a community and religion. What does this sigil mean to you? What can it represent? Take the time to focus and reflect, meditate on what each of our concepts mean to you and how they can apply to our lives. 

For our energy workers, you may charge our sigil by visualizing a bright white light surrounding it. Use breath work to guide this energy into the sigil, knowing that it grows in strength as you do so. You can also focus our themed concepts into the sigil using meditation and our affirmations to program this energy. This will serve to strengthen our sigil for later use in our ritual.  

The following incantation may be used as part of your sigil charging, or used as an affirmation:

“Let thy light shine bright forevermore.”

Daily Devotion 

The Lightbringer asks that we perform our finale ritual today. We release the energy that we’ve built through charging our sigil so that it may protect us and give us strength. We have devoted this month to Lucifer, and this finale is our grand offering sharing our light with the world. Join us today in celebrating Lucifer and the beauty of our religion. This ritual may be performed at any time during today. If you are behind on days and choose to keep your own pace, you are welcome to perform this when you are ready. 

Ritual Preparation

Prepare a paper with the prayer below written on it so you will not be distracted during the ritual.

At your altar, light a candle and place an offering bowl made of metal or glass in front of you. You will need the paper that you drew or printed our sigil onto at the beginning of the Advent so that we may burn it. Light incense to begin if you wish, and you are welcome to use any other ritual tools that you are drawn to. Remember to practice fire safety and have a way to put out the fire that your offering bowl will contain if need be. This ritual may be modified to suit what works best for you.

Finale Ritual

Relax your body. Focus on your breath, breathe in, hold, then breathe out. Do this for a few minutes to get yourself into a trance-like state.

Turn your attention to the sigil, and if you are sensitive, you should be able to feel the connection to the energy surrounding it. Feel it and visualize the energy of the sigil surrounding your body. 

Recite the following prayer.

As thy oracle doth speak,

O great Lucifer, the Lightbringer,

Open the gates of Hell and join us in this day of celebration,

Grant us thy presence on this sacred occasion,

Thine Dominion calls upon thy infernal power,

That ye may grant us the blessings of this Advent,

Light our way as we follow thine dark path through the wilds untold,

Grant us the knowledge thy Serpent offers, that we may grow wise and understanding,

Strengthen us so we may protect our sacred bonds forevermore,

Liberate us from the chains that bind us, that we may be free once more,

Direct our rage and grief, that we may lead thy rebellion to destroy those who would harm us,

Fill our lives with true beauty, embracing all thy life’s wonderful pleasures,

Carry our little loves through the world under your guidance,

And as we tend to the Earth, the fruits of our labors grow ever more,

As we transform this world through our healing touch,

Bring us sacred refuge from the storms that come, 

That we may strengthen our bonds with our chosen family,

And forge our true path as masters of thine own lives,

The visions we seek manifest reality, as we create in thy name, Lucifer,

A world that we shall live forever free, prosperous, and safe.

We walk this path hand in hand, and as we fall, we shall rise again,

For the future is ours, O Lucifer,

In thine name, we shall build, in thy glory, we shall fight,

And in thy love, we shall prosper.

Grant us thy foresight and blessings, 

That we may grow thy Dominion to forever honor thee, 

Celebrate with us tonight, Lucifer, share in our joy and pleasures, 

So we may continue our journey on thy divine path with renewed vigor,

So I will it,

Hail Lucifer!“ 

Alight the sigil paper with the candle and place it in your offering bowl. Meditate as the flames burn the sigil, visualizing the energy surrounding you releasing out into the universe to enact our will. Celebrate today, and embrace your connection to Lucifer. 

Make Your Own

We encourage you to make your own oracle card for each of our themed days, so that come the end of our Advent, you will have your own Luciferian oracle deck. These cards may be used to give you insight on what you may need to work with in the future. 

We recommend using blank playing cards if available, but any kind of art or canvas cards, even lined notecards can be used. Make your drawing or symbol (it doesn’t have to be amazing, only meaningful to you) on one side and on the other write down any key phrases or words or concepts that resonate with the image to you.

If you choose to share your result, which we would love to see, you may use the hashtags #luciferiandominion and #adventoflucifer so that we can find them! If you choose to make your oracle deck part of your #Inktober or #Drawloween events, please feel free to use those hashtags and include them in relevant spaces!

As today is our finale for the Advent of Lucifer, you should have a deck of 31 cards to use as an oracle. In times of need, you may pull from this deck to illuminate what you need at your present moment. Use your intuition and reflect back on the Advent days as needed for guidance. Your oracle is a connection to Lucifer and your own energy, as you yourself have created this deck in his honor. 

Hail all of you, and Hail Lucifer on this blessed Advent!

Lilyth Black is a Theistic Luciferian Witch. She has been practicing for 16 years, and specializes in energy work, divination, meditation, ritual craft and demonology.

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