Advent of Lucifer Day 1: The Oracle

To divine is to imagine the world rightly, to see past the illusion that we are separate from the entire fabric of reality. – Gwendolyn Womack

The Oracle

Part of the 2022 Advent of Lucifer

Horoscopes. Runes. Tarot. The stock market. The mantic arts are all around you, and always have been. Divination is a grand human tradition dating back to the first fires of humanity, and regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of belief, we’re forced to acknowledge that intentionally facilitating abstract thinking for the purpose of solving practical problems in creative ways seems to be a nearly universal human trait throughout our history.

There are almost as many forms of divination as there are things that can be observed. Ailuromancy is divination by observing the movements of a cat. Alphitomancy is divination using loaves of barley. If you can watch it or eat it, you can intuit meaning from it.

The two forms of divination are intuitive and inductive. Intuitive divination involves receiving information directly from a supernatural source; spirits, visions, the Universe, etc. Inductive divination is the process of observing signs and symbolism and extrapolating from (or projecting meaning upon) them.

In the Luciferian Dominion, when we discuss divination, we are assumed to mean inductive divination, as we believe this can be successfully used by anyone who is open to it. However, intuitive divination is perfectly acceptable if that is part of your personal praxis, and if our divinatory methods can be incorporated into your work, all the better.

In Luciferianism, the practitioner often stands in the place of a god, so to us it doesn’t really matter where your intuition comes from as long as it’s consistently useful.

Opening Ritual

To begin our ritual, print or draw our sigil on a piece of paper and place it on your altar.

Focus on the sigil and open our ritual by saying the following prayer:

O great Lucifer, our morningstar,
We invite thee to join in our celebration,
As we honor thee this month, we beseech thy presence,
Grant us thy will to power, that we may create in thy name forevermore,
Strengthen our sigil, that those who share our values be protected in every way,
Bestow upon us thy knowledge and truths, that we may grow our connection to thee.
Fill our hearts with joy and love, that we may celebrate with thee,
So I will it,
Hail Lucifer!

Charging the Sigil

The Oracle tells us that we must trust our intuition. Too often we ignore those gut feelings, the dreams that may come our way or even the divinings that we receive. The wisdom that we seek is often right in front of us, only awaiting our attention. Today, let us focus on trusting that our intuition is telling us exactly what we need to hear. 

As we devote our time this month to honoring Lucifer, charging our sigil encourages a deeper connection. If this is your first time charging a symbol like this, you can think of it like a moodboard – this sigil represents us as a community and religion. What does this sigil mean to you? What can it represent? Take the time to focus and reflect, meditate on what each of our concepts mean to you and how they can apply to our lives. 

For our energy workers, you may charge our sigil by visualizing a bright white light surrounding it. Use breath work to guide this energy into the sigil, knowing that it grows in strength as you do so. You can also focus our themed concepts into the sigil using meditation and our affirmations to program this energy. This will serve to strengthen our sigil for later use in our ritual.  

The following incantation may be used as part of your sigil charging, or used as an affirmation:

“I trust my intuition, for it guides me through the dark.”

Daily Devotion

The Oracle inspires us to practice our divination. Take the time today to practice by using your pendulums, your tarot or oracle cards, casting runes, or scrying. Meditation can also be a powerful illuminator to what may be. Journal the answers you receive so that when you look back, you may understand just how powerful your intuition can be. 

Further Reading

The following resources may be enjoyed to deepen your connection to today’s concept. Please note that links to reading are not endorsements of every idea contained therein but are intended to offer a more broadly informed view.

What is Intuition and why is it important? 

An overview of the history of the human relationship to divination

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Make Your Own

We encourage you to make your own oracle card for each of our themed days, so that come the end of our Advent, you will have your own Luciferian oracle deck. These cards may be used to give you insight on what you may need to work with in the future. 

We recommend using blank playing cards if available, but any kind of art or canvas cards, even lined note cards can be used. Make your drawing or symbol (it doesn’t have to be amazing, only meaningful to you) on one side and on the other write down any key phrases or words or concepts that resonate with the image to you.

If you choose to share your result, which we would love to see, you may use the hashtags #luciferiandominion and #adventoflucifer so that we can find them! If you choose to make your oracle deck part of your #Inktober or #Drawloween events, please feel free to use those hashtags and include them in relevant spaces!

Happy creating during this blessed Advent!

Lilyth Black is a Theistic Luciferian Witch. She has been practicing for 16 years, and specializes in energy work, divination, meditation, ritual craft and demonology.

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