Henri-Eugène Delacroix (1845-1930), ‘ Les Anges Rebelles’ (The Rebel Angels), 1876

The Luciferian Dominion is an atheistic religion focused on compassion, self-reliance, and scientific understanding in an increasingly unstable world. We pursue a deeper Humanity through honoring the Human Animal, the Tribe, and Ecognosis.  Our mission follows the Three Mandates of Dominion:


  • It is our moral duty to carry the light of knowledge.
  • We must advocate for scientific understanding and ethical ecology if humanity’s existence on Earth is to become tenable.
  • Reason, courage and an educated populace are our best defense against bad actors.


  • It is our moral duty to prepare for hardship.
  • We refuse to relinquish the world to people who would poison and enslave.
  • A person who is able to care for themselves is better able to care for others.


  • It is our moral duty to protect ourselves and the vulnerable.
  • Privilege is a sword and a shield, and we must have the courage to use it for people who don’t have it.
  • We must endure what must be endured, and inflict what must be inflicted in service to our mission.

If you would like to know more about our beliefs, feel free to read our Core Beliefs.