The Luciferian Dominion is a Luciferian ministry focused on the intersection of ecology and Left Hand Path philosophy. We approach contemporary issues such as food independence, mutual aid, community defense and liberation from late-stage capitalism as moral imperatives.

Our goal is the creation of intentional communities that succor and surcease to the vulnerable and exploited, as Lilith sheltered Caine in the Land of Nod.  We discuss permaculture and preparedness, mental health, gardening, and ideas. We believe that Dominion is a state of complete communal sovereignty and of ecological and social stewardship.

We are categorically antifascist.

We are non-theistic as a ministry, but have members that identify as atheist, theistic, and everywhere in between. We have more in common with Pagans who share our values than with Satanists who do not. Our mythology revolves around the symbolism of Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan, but we believe that one’s understanding of the universe and its workings is an individual path.

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