The Luciferian Dominion is a religious ministry founded on several principles:

Compassionate human life is possible.

We believe that compassionate and harmonious communal living, while not easy, is entirely possible. Drawing from disciplines like anthropology, permaculture, philosophy, feminism, theology, agriculture, and social sciences, we have spent years studying, working with mentors, and putting into practice the systems that would allow for long term, defensible and productive human living in the face of the myriad challenges posed by climate change, the collapse of capitalism, and the rise of fascism. We believe that committed people bound by a shared ideology can thrive with little ecological degradation in proportion to their needs.

The Left-Hand Path we’ve been given isn’t good enough.

The fearful and reactionary roots of contemporary Satanism must be severed and a new, compassionate and evidence-based theology planted on its grave. The Satanic eternal victim complex might sell shirts, but must give way to productive, competent strategizing by LHP adherents at every level of society.

While Satan-themed social clubs have emerged from the endless dissonant schisms of highly visible organizations, these groups lack in ambition, organizational power, and revolutionary thinking. They are not contributing meaningfully to our religious canon, and aren’t providing the robust, communal religious experience that serves people that we need to prosper in the Anthropocene.

The levers of power must be removed.

As wealth consolidates and scarcity increases, the extraction class will tighten its grip on the poor using every lever of power available. Often (and ideally) these levers are access to the basic needs of human life: food, clean water, regulated temperature, shelter, social connections.

Perhaps more than anything else, our goal is the systematic removal and displacement of these levers of control. Capitalism isn’t just a collar to be broken, it’s a machine that has to be dismantled and its component parts seamlessly replaced by our own mechanisms. This is complex work that requires competent hierarchy, accountability, and transcends the platitudes of political memes. It is about feeding people who need food, ensuring by any means necessary our unfettered access to clean water, and creating sovereign spaces that are legally and physically very difficult to penetrate in order to ensure our safety and prosperity. When you provide for yourselves, you are much harder to control.

The world as we know it is ending.

Rabid partisanship. Pollution. Extraction. Unlimited growth. Fascist authoritarianism. Ecological collapse. Economic collapse. Social collapse.

These aren’t just phrases on a sandwich board, they’re our current news headlines. They’re already happening, and all at once. This isn’t a zombie apocalypse, it’s a slow imperial implosion. Sometimes life seems perfectly “normal” amid all the fires and horror. It is easier than ever to insulate and distract ourselves, and many people choose to.

That doesn’t change the fact that the train of Western democracy is completely off the rails. Our government is dysfunctional to the point of paralysis, if not schizophrenia. Our society is half unhinged death-cult. This, in the broad sense, isn’t going anywhere good. We sounded the warnings and were ignored, and now we want to get out of the way of this deranged beast until it kills itself. We want to be in a strong position of stability and prosperity by the time that happens. We want to be able to provide for the vulnerable, to push back the predation and violence of the hateful creatures that caused this disaster, and to be a beacon of light in a very dim world.

We can do that, but we can’t do it alone.

Religious community is vital to our success.

Many people coming from abusive religious backgrounds often find themselves at odds with the concept of religion itself. While this is understandable from a personal point of view, it’s also a very Westernized and broadly uninformed view of the human relationship to religion.

Secular communes struggle and fail when you have participants in this challenging but rewarding lifestyle who are bound by little more than their desire to grow kale. Religious belief gives us a shorthand for our values and priorities, individually and among each other. You can encounter a fellow Luciferian Dominionist and already have an idea about what’s important to them and things they are likely to do and not do.

Religion also provides constant reinforcement and challenges to those beliefs. It provides a framework within to adjust them, and means of continuity to communicate through stories, rituals and iconography, those ideas down through generations. Religion got our species through its most difficult times, and we are the descendants of those who were predisposed to it, regardless of what you might currently believe.

While it’s crucial that we share the same moral foundation, the specifics of that practice aren’t as important to us. We provide a reasoned mythology based on historical evidence and with a theosophical aim of reclamation. But if someone decides to honor Hecate rather than Lilith for the same values, that isn’t as important. We are home to atheists, theistic and occult practitioners, as well as a large number of people who are exploring and developing their own relationship to Dominion philosophy.

We’ve come up with something we think works but is open to evolution, and we don’t look for excuses to cast out compatible allies.

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