10 Permaculture Youtube Channels You Can Binge

What is permaculture? In short, it’s sustainable organic farming with a huge dose of praxis and holistic ecology. It’s for people, by people, firmly grounded as inhabitants of a living world. It’s punk rock gardening.

If you’re looking to get inspired, love to learn, or just want to zone out to something wholesome after a long day of horrors, here are 10 highly watchable channels representing hundreds of videos you can follow down the green rabbit hole.

1. Geoff Lawton: Permaculture Online

Geoff Lawton is a highly respected, old school permaculture expert.

2. Edible Acres

Edible Acres is a Permaculture Nursery from NY State.

3. Justin Rhodes

Justin Rhodes is a farmer who does it all and has frequent guests to demonstrate.

4. The Natural Farmer

John Kaisner does organic farming with permaculture principles in Italy.

5. Dirt Patch Heaven

Dirt Patch Heaven is about small scale low impact living and DIY.

6. Huws Nursery

HuwsNursery is all about growing in abundance.

7. The Grow Network

Marjory Wildcraft explores homesteading, gardening and self-sufficiency.

8. Living Web Farms

Living Web Farms is where hands on learning comes to life about organic food production and innovative knowledge for sustainable agriculture from the world’s top experts.

9. Growing Your Greens

GYG is one of the most-watched gardening shows on Youtube.

10. Richard Perkins

Richard owns a profitable permaculture farm and produces videos to share his expertise with a new generation of sustainable farmers.

Jinx Strange is a perfumer, publisher and Archlector of the Luciferian Dominion. He holds certifications in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University, and Medicinal Plants from Cornell University.