10 Dark Aesthetic Fashion Brands for Luciferians

As Luciferians we don’t have many fashion options that are specifically geared toward us. When you look up Luciferian or Satanic clothing what usually pops up are fast fashion t-shirts with occult symbols, cheap mass-produced jewelry, and very little else. The majority of these products are produced by outsiders looking for a quick buck. We deserve better, thoughtful wear for our wardrobes that doesn’t rely on harmful practices like slave labor, toxic materials, pollution, and waste. The big alternative companies churning out low-quality clothes would have you believe that they’re the only powerhouses in the alternative industry, but there are so many great small businesses that are redefining dark aesthetics with high-quality work.

Finding smaller, slower fashion brands to support is one of the best ways to start redefining our wardrobes. Brands that are focused on quality products, rather than rushing through a million designs each season, usually have a more intimate relationship with all of their processes. We want companies that are transparent in what they’re doing, that create with thought and care about each garment, from the selection of materials to the packaging they ship with. Our focus should be on investing our money into these companies that align with our values and products that stand the test of time. We don’t have to sacrifice our sense of style or ethics just because we’re Luciferian, but we can show the world what really matters to us by who we invest in.  

While this list is by no means complete, these are 10 of the best ethical and sustainable brands that match our Dominion aesthetics.

Wings of Sin

a woman wearing a kimono sleeve top with moons on the sleeves
Extra Long Kimono Sleeve Moon Phase Top, $55 by Wings of Sin

Wings of Sin is owned by one woman – Melany Pettini – and she designs, handmakes, and ships everything from Vermont herself. I love how effortlessly styled Wings of Sin is, everything looks so comfy and has such a great flow to it. There’s a lot of potential here for elevating both our day and ritual wear. 

The Pretty Cult

a woman wearing a black dress by The Pretty Cult posing in front of a tree
Antoinette Dress, $64, by The Pretty Cult

The Pretty Cult started in 2015 as a small business by Arielle Salsa out of her apartment. She designed and screen-printed her sewn works and grew the business to what it is today with a small in-house team. It’s designed for the Rock and Roll witch, the misfits, and those with a darker aesthetic who want the cult classic silhouettes without breaking the bank. There are also a ton of witchy décor goodies for your home from the Pretty Cult.


two women wearing a black dress with a high slit
Cassandra Bell Sleeve Maxi dress, $80, by Foxblood

Foxblood is a female-owned online noir boutique from downtown Los Angeles, California. I love that this is a very minimalist ready-to-wear line featuring vegan and cruelty-free pieces. If you’re looking for cozy dark daywear – Foxblood is the shop for you. This is one of the most size-inclusive alternative brands out there, ranging from XS to 4X. Everything is made in-house or in their privately owned factory in Istanbul, Turkey.  

Son De Flor

a woman wearing a classic silhouetted dress with a belt and a hat
Classic Dress, Long Sleeve in Black Pansy, $235, by Son De Flor

This may not be your typical alternative brand, but it’s very reminiscent of the dark academia vibes that we love. Son De Flor was created by two Lithuanian sisters who were tired of fast fashion. They are determined to create timeless pieces that everyone can love while also maintaining high ethical and sustainability standards. Everything is made with locally produced linen, one of the best sustainable fabrics for clothing, and they are size inclusive ranging from XXS-3XL. Son De Flor’s blog also has a ton of great information on how to care for linen and why it is such a great choice for fabrics.

Holy Voids

a woman posing in a black cropped top with a black skirt
Juliet Crop, $108, by Holy Voids

Holy Voids is a family-owned, slow fashion shop based out of Arizona.  Most of their designs are made to order and are created using mostly all-natural fibers that are both comfortable and sustainable. They have a very minimalist style which I think makes for such a versatile line. I can see so many of their designs being great for ritual wear but also elevating our everyday wear. They create with minimal waste in mind as their scraps are used for accessories, one-off designs, or recycled. As this is a handcrafted slow fashion shop, garments do take about 4-6 weeks to be created. Be sure to check out their sizing chart as their sizes range from XS to XL but most of their designs are meant to be worn baggy.

Evintage Veils

a woman wearing a lace black veil
Queen of Peace Soft Black Veil, $52, by Evintage Veils

I love wearing veils to help protect my energy but also as a reminder of my connection to Lucifer and Lilith, especially during ritual work. Veiling is not for everyone, of course, but these veils by Evintage Veils are lovely pieces of wearable art. The intricate lace is divine and you can see the love put into every design. While they do have some veils ready to ship, Evintage custom makes their designs for each order.

Open The Cellar Door

a woman looking to the side wearing a sword necklace and a pair of moon earrings
Telum Choker, $38. by Open The Cellar Door

I am obsessed with the jewelry from Open the Cellar Door, and I cannot recommend this shop more for such beautifully crafted pieces. Kristina Cullen handcrafts each unique design, often using ethically sourced artifacts like salvaged metals and animal bones. A lot of her work is made to order, but she also has some incredible limited edition pieces for sale. Her jewelry is the perfect addition to accessorize your wardrobe with such outstanding statement pieces.

Holy Clothing

a woman wearing a black dress with moon phases on it looks up to a flying raven
Selene Maxi, $90, by Holy Clothing

Ready to live out your fantasy dreams? Holy Clothing has all sorts of magickal designs to live your best witchy life. All their designs are ethically made using 100% plant based fabrics that are hand dyed using a vintage-wash process. They are size inclusive ranging from S-5X, and all their designs are made to order. While some of their designs may be better suited for frolicking in the woods than your everyday fit, they have a lot of designs that could be a great addition to our witchy wardrobes. 

Elven Forest

a woman in a black hooded dress with an attached face mask
Celestial Dust Mask Hoodie Dress, $198, by Elven Forest

Elven Forest is a small team of creatives who all work from home here in America crafting these alluring designs. This shop has an earthy, boho, witchy, fairytale vibe and I’m very much here for it. I think their designs are fun, vibrant and they look so comfy. They’re also versatile enough that you could wear any of their designs just about anywhere. Elven Forest handcrafts each piece from scratch with natural fibers for every order and can customize to your exact measurements. Since this is a made-to-order shop, their garments do take about 3-4 weeks to ship out (6-8 weeks during high volume times), but they do have a pre-made section with limited sizes that are ready to ship out.


a woman wearing an embroidered gown fixes her bustier ties
“Alina” embroidered bustier dress oak brown, $180, by Voriagh

Voriagh was founded by two sisters and violinists, Olivia and Vivien, and their mother, Bruna in Paris, France. I love the dark academic and folklore vibes of Voriagh. You can see that they create with a deep connection to nature and ancient styles blended with contemporary classic silhouettes. They’re very transparent and involved in all of the processes of designing, sewing and production of their clothing. While their sizes do range from S-XL, they are open to customizing their styles if need be.

Lilyth Black is a Theistic Luciferian Witch. She has been practicing for 16 years, and specializes in energy work, divination, meditation, ritual craft and demonology.